Zionist Hypocrisy One Again Proven!


By Dr. David Duke
Once again we see proof of Zionist hypocrisy. Here is a reproduction from the Zionist Chabad website called “Ask Moses.” In it their rabbi tells fellow Jews how “millions” (historically ridiculous numbers) of Jews in Egypt did not intermarry. The article brags that only “one lone Jew was fathered by an Egyptian.” He goes on to say how the Egyptians tried to corrupt Jewish girls into intermarriage. The article can be found at AskMoses.com under “Did the Jews Assimilate in Egypt.” Assimilation and joining the Egyptian “melting-pot is characterized as the worst of sins.
Of course, these radical Zionist condemn Egyptians for trying to corrupt Jewish women into intermarriage, But the Jewish media establishment promotes the same “corruption” for European women and girls — and hardly anyone points out the hypocrisy.
Before suggesting that this viewpoint is a small minority among Jews, one should note that practically every large Zionist organization in the world, from the American Jewish Committee to Israhell itself, has programs fighting against intermarriage of Jews with Gentiles.
But, interestingly enough, while Zionist organizations work against assimilation, against the “melting-pot” speak derisively of Egyptian efforts to mingle and intermarry with Jewish girls, the overwhelmingly Jewish Hollywood and global media establishment to promote interracial sex and marriage as fashionable and desirable for non-Jewish women.
If intermarriage is viewed by Jews as a great evil, then they must know that it is an evil for those that they foist it upon!
We believe that every people should have the right to preserve their unique character and identity, and that this right is a human right for all people, not just Jews. Wanting the destruction of a race of people is the height of racism and ultimately is genocide. We don’t believe in racial suppression. We believe in the human rights of all people to live and to be free and independent. We believe not in destroying a race but allowing all races to flourish in their own unique beauty and culture.
But Zionist-led groups like the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith that supposedly oppose racism, never expose the Zionist racism. You see, it is not racism to simply want to preserve your own people and way of life, but it is racism to suppress and seek the destruction of a people.
Our people, just as Jews, Tibetans, Indians, Africans, should, and must have a right to live, to go on, and to be free!

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