Zionist annexation of the WB is on hold but ethnic cleansing continues

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Israeli annexation of the WB is on hold but ethnic cleansing continues

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

The Israeli annexation of the West Bank (WB) is on hold but ethnic cleansing continues. Last week, Israel’s ethnic cleansing continues as it destroys two Palestinian family homes and forced the third family to self-demolish or pay the price. The ugly truth is that Israel was built illegally in 1948 on stolen Palestinian land and on the ruins of 615 towns and villages that were depopulated, including my family, and then they were erased from the face of the earth so the natives could not come back to what’s rightfully theirs.

What that means is that Israel has committed a criminal act against three Palestinian families — an act with no justification whatsoever. So, how the Hell Israel gets away with such a heinous crime? Funny you asked! Believe it or not, most of the information we in the US and other parts of the world received about Palestine and Israel comes from the Jewish-owned and controlled US media outlets. Those print and electronic media take its marching orders from Israel, which has been pumping out lies for so long that many people assume is true.

Keep in mind that Rupert Murdoch, who is a Jew and blind supporter of Israel, is the world’s most powerful media tycoon. Murdoch’s family owns and controls 120 newspapers in five countries. (Forbes, June 1, 2016) Even if this tragic story was to be reported, it would have been buried in the back pages of the newspaper without pictures, age, gender, and the number of people affected. In other words, the story will have no human face attached to it.

The US funding for Israel along with Holocaust restitution from other Western nations is what enables the only democracy to murder, terrorize, and ethnically cleanse Palestinians. These crimes will continue until Doomsday as long as Israel is not held accountable because it is the single biggest threat to all life on Earth.

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Stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestine / Amandala Newspaper
How to stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestine? This can be done by 1) public officials and media immediately denouncing Israel’s crimes, 2) stopping aid to Israel, and 3) imposing a sanction on Israel similar to the one imposed against Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Venezuela to name a few. As the saying goes, “What is good for the goose is good for the gander (a male goose).”
That explains the reason why the international community always acts as deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to the Israelis’ inhumane treatment of Palestinians whereas it would stand on its head and go to the end of the world if one Jew gets his/her feeling hurt anywhere in the world.

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