and today they killed a boy named Ahmad Salem Deeb

Ahmad Salem Deeb on the way to x-ray Credit: Max Ajl

I wonder what words I can use to describe watching the murder of Ahmad Salem Deeb. To describe the way he and other young Palestinian men rushed forward well ahead of organizers, press, and internationals, without the gossamer protective shield we’re able to offer to the youth whom the Israeli army is clearly willing to cripple; the way those youth marched into the buffer zone when they knew the Israeli army had shot three people in Meghazi on Saturday.
To describe the swirling billows of black smoke from the gasoline fire that the shebab lit, sad rather than scary because the smoke will not confuse an Israeli army sniper quite willing to mis-fire (or who knows) and kill a young man demonstrating on his own land. Or to describe the sharp crack of what I was sure was a warning shot, as are the norm at the beginnings of these demonstrations—it is the denouements that are marked by Allahu Akbar as teenagers run to prevent their friends from bleeding out.
How to describe the group of youth sprinting, holding their friend, this one shot by what I thought was a warning shot but wasn’t a warning shot. Or to describe how even from far away, or from behind a wall of people, I saw his leg pulsing blood in a horrible rhythm that meant, femoral artery. Or to describe my evanescent relief that the Red Crescent ambulance was so close, just meters behind the low ridge abutting the open field near the Nahal Oz crossing.
Can I describe urging Eva, telling her it was time to go back towards the ridge, and then seeing a trail of huge arterial crimson bursts of blood on rocks, patches of sand, clumps of grass, in the regular pattern that denotes hemorrhage?
Or the chaos at Al-Shifa Hospital where we watched trauma surgeons wheel Ahmed on a gurney from an operating theater to a different unit of the hospital with bags of blood and platelets flowing into his body, the boy semi-conscious from shock and pain. Can I properly describe an operating room with a shockingly huge splat of blood on the floor, bottles of fluid and bandages scattered, looking like a mini-tornado had hit that small space where doctors desperately tried to save Ahmed?
The red-rims and glisten of the eyes of what must have been Ahmed’s brother as he stunningly throttled back his sobs as he listened to a doctor tell him that Ahmed’s femoral artery had been severed, that his genitalia had been damaged, that a hollow-tip bullet had ruptured in the middle of his thigh, shredding it?
Or perhaps the doctor who told us that the bullet had crushed Ahmed’s femur and that he had died at 4:30 PM, four-and-a-half hours after getting shot, from shock and blood loss?
Or to describe the attending physician asking me, what were American perceptions of Palestine, and I had to tell him the truth, that so many support Israeli actions, when those actions were as far from abstract as possible that day, that “support” meant killing 20 year old boys, “support” meant martyring those boys at non-violent demonstrations on their own land, “support” means firing dum-dum bullets into boys’ thighs to maim and castrate them if they are lucky, “support” meant shrugging at the deaths of an Ahmad Salem Deeb, and accepting justifications that should be obscenities:
He was planting explosives.
He was near someone slinging rocks. He was in the buffer zone.
We just don’t care.
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