This is what it sounded and looked like when Bianca got shot

The first video is a compilation of footage from Vittorio Arrigoni, Bianca herself, and Adie Mormech. You can hear her getting shot and you can see that Bianca was filming Palestinians getting carried away after being shot right at the time that she was shot. The second clip is my (less useful) footage, uncut. A couple of things worth noticing: the Israeli snipers have pretty clear lines of sight to Bianca (in the long-sleeve shirt, green cap, and blue knapsack).

Also, Bianca is very still. The sniper meant to wing her and tear through her flesh, missing arteries and bones, I assume. That is a wound meant to instill some fear into a Westerner and a Palestinian too. If the army is shooting female westerners, what will it do to the next batch of Palestinians? Kill shots? They’re coming. My friends tell me that the Palestinian boy, Nidal Al Naji, was released from the hospital, while the girl is still there; she may have had another surgery.
Right, and add this to your talking points: thus far the NYT Jerusalem bureau has been apprised of this incident, so it follows that the NYT has refused to cover it. Refused is the right word. How do I know this? Simple. I sent “Eitan” Bronner an e-mail with all of the relevant information. Send him one too: [email protected].
Ask him why when a missile from Gaza blasts a Thai worker on an Israeli kibbutz who has in all likelihood been treated like a slave by his employers that merits coverage, but a liberal democracy rifling steel bullets into non-violent protesters legs, flinging shrapnel into young women’s stomachs? Nothing. It is this cacophonous silence that creates the moral atmosphere wherein the next bullets will be aimed at the heads of the courageous Nidals of the Gaza Strip.

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