Another Day, Another Arrest of Human Rights Worker and more

Another Day, Another Arrest of Human Rights Worker

From The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief.

Israel Arrests IHH’s West Bank Representative

Israeli authorities have taken Izzet Sahin, the representative and founder of IHH (The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief)’s Office in West Bank, into custody on the 27th of April.
Izzet Sahin have been taken into custody by the Israeli military while he was passing through the checkpoint in Bethlehem.
Sahin was transferred to Ashkelon prison following his stay in the detention center of Israel Security Agency (ISA). Nobody has heard from him since the day he was arrested. No reason has been declared by the Israeli officials for Sahin’s arrest, who has been studying Hebrew in the Hebrew University.
Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv have confirmed Izzet Sahin’s arrest. He was expected to make a court appearance on 4th of May, however the prosecution have extended his time in custody to 15 days on the basis that the evidence file is not ready yet. After the objection of Sahin’s lawyers, the extension have been limited down to 3 days.
Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Officials and Parliamentarian Murat Mercan, Head of The Foreign Affairs Commission of Turkish Parliament stated that they have been pursuing the matter closely. Meanwhile, Israeli police raided Sahin’s home after the arrest and took some of his personal belongings including his computer.
The fact that Izzet Sahin remains in custody without any charges against him raises concerns and reactions from the public and it is not possible to find out about the allegations before the court.
Bulent Yildirim, President of IHH, said “We are deeply concerned about his safety, worried that he will be subject to maltreatment and torture under custody”. Yildirim also stated that they are making continuous efforts for Sahin’s release.
Villages Group: First Biodigester Unit at Work in Susiya

(crossposted from the Villages Group Blog)
Following the success of the Villages Group’s first environmental initiative – the renewable energy project, which has been now running independently for about a year under the banner Comet-ME – the Villages Group is now launching a second environmental initiative: Biodigester units for shepherd families’ use. These systems turn the family herd’s manure into bio-gas for the family’s cooking needs.
As mentioned in our previous post, a month ago a team led by Yair Teller installed the first Biodigester unit at the residence of the family of Ismail Nawageh in Susiya. After a few weeks’ incubation period the manure in the Biodigester is by now producing enough gas, so yesterday it was connected to the Ismail family kitchen for regular use.
In the meanwhile, we also received the encouraging news, that the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies decided to adopt Yair’s project, and will send its Palestinian, Israeli and International students to help Yair in the installation of more Bidigester units in Susiya and elsewhere in the south Mt. Hebron region.

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