Zio=Nazi Intelligence and Atomic Energy Minister Dan Meridor cancelled on Monday a planned visit to London, England, after receiving information that he might be facing  an arrest warrant upon arrival.

Cabinet Minister Dan Meridor during his tour of the West Bank settlement of Efrat Cabinet Minister Dan Meridor during his tour of the West Bank settlement of Efrat.
Photo by: Haggai Offen

The Foreign Ministry and the Justice Ministry?  notified Meridor that he may face charges connected to his alleged role in the Zio=Nazi army raid on the Gaza-bound ship Mavi Marmara on May 31, 2010. The Nazi raid resulted in the deaths of 9 Turkish activists. Meridor refused to comment on the cancellation.
Meridor is member of a forum of seven ministers that advises Zio=Nazi Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The forum discussed the arrival of the Gaza-bound flotilla in a meeting that took place on May 26, according to Netanyahu’s testimony before a committee investigating the raid.
However, Netanyahu denied in his testimony that the forum had discussed the details of the military operation.
This is not the first case of Zio=Nazi politicians facing legal charges in Britain. In 2009, a British court issued an arrest warrant for Zio=Nazi Livni over war crimes allegedly committed in Gaza while she served as foreign minister. Livni canceled her trip to London as a result of information of the warrant issued against her.
Livni served as foreign minister alongside Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barak during the Nazi army offensive in Gaza. The three figures comprised the “troika” of top decision-makers who charted the course of the war.
In 2005, a retired Nazi general, Doron Almog, returned to ‘Israel’ immediately after landing in London because he was tipped off that British police planned to arrest him. The warrant against Almog – who oversaw the bombing of a Gaza home in which 14 people were killed – was later canceled.
Other Nazi leaders, including former military chief Moshe Ya’alon and ex-internal security chief Avi Dichter, have also canceled trips to Britain in recent years for the same reason. 



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