June 17, 2010
by Gordon Duff

By Gordon Duff

In a humorous segment on the Colbert Report, a comedy news show, Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren described to the audience the killing of nine Turkish citizens in the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish registered ship in the Freedom Flotilla.  Only hours before, the Flotilla had stopped to honor an American Naval ship, the USS Liberty, attacked by Israel with 34 killed and 171 injured. 

 Israel claimed the the American sailors, on a new $43 million dollar communications ship were also terrorists and had been carefully recognized and killed, using machine guns, cannons, napalm and torpedoes.  Later, Israel claimed at first that the incident had been done by another country and, later still, claimed it was all a misunderstanding.

Ambassador Oren indicated he was clear this time.  The men killed had been selected by Israeli troops and executed as terrorists.  He said Israel had conclusive proof that the nine killed had been active in terrorist organizations, were carrying guns and had shot several IDF personnel. 

 Oren never indicated how the 9 killed were selected or if they were known in advance.  Previously, Israel had claimed the killings were defensive and the victims unknown to them.  Oren’s claims that the victims were proven terrorists is a significant alteration in Israels account.

However, films of the attack indicated something quite different.  On examination by Jim W. Dean of Heritage TV, a former US Intelligence Official specializing in analysis of video and voice evidence, it was noted that the films had been altered and the people identified as terrorists were actually Israeli citizens, paid actors, who were put onto the video using a primitive and highly ineffective special effects process not used since the Godzilla films.  Dean describes the films:

These Photo shopped videos were done so poorly as to be almost comical if they were not done to cover up murders. You will have to watch the video several times to really visually catch their mistakes. Don’t be afraid to use the pause button to study the images.

The ending scenes on the fantail immediately struck me as a studio shoot. The lighting was way to bright for a ship in that situation. The actors…well…they did a really poor job. In the real videos you see more confusion…the clothes are not right. If was a completely staged event, even down to the tiny slingshot one guy raises up so it can be noticed. Also, the camera is stationary (on a tripod)…a huge mistake.

Though information on the alteration of both the films and video recordings of the incident were available to Colbert, he failed to bring this up to Orin.  Colbert, as part of what could be described as an attempt at comedy, demonstrated fear of retaliation by Ambassador Oren were the interview to become confrontational.

When asked how an obviously faked film could be presented on news networks and individuals such as Oren could be allowed to make wild accusations against murder victims without being “called” on it, Dean replied:

The real news here is how such an obvious fraud was pipelined into American mass media. Any experienced news video editor would have spotted the obvious fraud on these tapes. But they pushed it right out onto unsuspecting Americans who wrongly think that mass media would not pedal something they know to be totally bogus. And how wrong they are.  But it gets worse.

Our Intel and security agencies always do frame by frame analysis of important video material like this. They also had to have spotted this…yet they did not warn the American people that this was a fraud. Why not?

The answer is that Israel espionage has penetrated American government, media, politics, and even our security institutions to the point that the Zios have no fear of those responsible for our national security protecting us from the Israeli 5th column operating here. They are protected by powerful interests.

With hours of video smuggled out and analysis indicating that Israel forces had never met armed troops, and that Oren’s statements made on national television were totally false, networks in the US have still remained silent.

Video supplied by the Israeli government for news distrubution but debunked by CIA experts was offered to the Colbert show to be used in rebuttal for the statements made by Ambassador Oren.  Actor Stephen Colbert has yet to respond.  Colbert was asked to comment on his interview.  When asked if he feared violent reprisals from Israel if he had taken a more confrontational tone with Oren, Colbert refused to comment.

However, it is noted that Colbert finished his interview with Ambassador Oren with a statement made that seemed to condemn famed journalist Helen Thomas.  Colbert, in a “wink and nod” way, condemned Thomas for making the statement last week that Jews in Israel “should return to Germany or Poland or wherever the come from…”

Colbert said he thought that was ‘reprehensible.”

Colbert then turned to Ambassador Oren and said, “Sir, shouldn’t the Palestinians be subject to the same thing, shouldn’t they be forced to return to where they came from?”

On hearing this, Oren nearly swallowed his tongue.  After a stuttering recovery, Oren went onto a short “canned” tirade about Palestinians living where Israelis put them, end of story.  Maybe Colbert had reason to be afraid.  Was this enough to put him in danger? 

We thank Stephen Colbert for his clever and effective ambush of Ambassador Michael Oren.

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