Zio-Nazi Gantz: Egypt must exercise sovereignty in Sinai


ed note–’HaShem’ is the name attributed by Jews to ‘God’.


Zio-Nazi Chief of Staff Benny Gantz visited the site of Monday’s border attack in south Palestine on Tuesday and said, “We expect the Egyptians to exercise their sovereignty.” The message was directed at Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy, who declared his victory in the presidential elections earlier this week.

Zio-Nazi Gantz said that the construction of the fence is progressing very well. “The operational problem is a different issue, a more significant issue is what goes on in Sinai, where terror bases continue to form. We expect the Egyptians to exercise their sovereignty in Sinai,” he said.

The statements come amid uproar in Egypt where the ruling Military Council has taken away more powers from the next president, likely to be Morsy.

One of the contractors working on the fence project said that his concerns remain the same despite Monday’s attack which killed one person. “This sector is generally volatile. This morning we were briefed by the army on how to prepare and to stay vigilant,” he said. He added that his workers were instructed to wear reflective neon vests.

Another worker, Moshe Iddy, said: “This is like Texas, but we don’t get worked up over it. You get scared the first time but then it becomes routine. The workers are afraid but get on with it. There was an incident where workers decided to pack up and go home but this didn’t happen this time. A week and half ago there were gunshots and they became traumatized but we got used to the situation.”

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