Arab League demands Gaza siege end

June 13, 2010
 by Michael Leon

Arab League chief ‘ And Zio-American dog’ Amr Moussa visited the Gaza Strip on June 13

Amid doubt that the 1.5 million Gazans suffering from an illegal Israeli blockade will gain support from the regional Arab and Persian dictators comes news that the Arab League demands the Gaza siege end.
Amr Moussa, the Arab League secretary-general crossed into the imprisoned strip of land from Egypt, some two weeks after Israel’s massacre of a Gaza human rights/aid flotilla on May 31, and the subsequent opening of the Egyptian border into Gaza.
From Aljazeera:

Amr Moussa, the Arab League secretary-general, has called for an end to Israel’s siege on the Gaza Strip.
“This blockade…must be lifted and must be broken and the Arab League decision is very clear in this regard,” he said on Sunday.
Moussa’s comments came immediately after he arrived in the Gaza Strip, his first visit to the territory since Israel’s imposition of a crippling blockade in 2006.
He told reporters at the Rafah crossing point that Arab governments should help in implementing the Arab League resolution that seeks to end the siege.
Moussa reached the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing shortly before 10:00am (0700 GMT) where he was welcomed by members of Gaza’s ruling Hamas movement, as well as representatives of various Palestinian groups.
He crossed into the enclave from Egypt, two weeks after Israel’s deadly interception of a Gaza aid flotilla that was intended to deliver humanitarian aid to the territory.
Palestinian reconciliation
At a joint news conference with Moussa shortly after his arrival, Basim Naeem, the Hamas health minister, said the visit indicated that “the boycott between Gaza and the Arab nation was broken”.
Egypt had kept its border with Gaza largely closed, bolstering Israel’s embargo, since Hamas seized control of the Strip from Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah forces in 2007.
But Cairo eased restrictions at its Rafah crossing with the territory after Israeli marines killed nine pro-Palestinian Turkish activists during violent confrontations on the Turkish-flagged aid convoy on May 31.
Palestinian and Arab League officials said Moussa’s visit was also aimed at giving momentum to reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah. Egypt has sponsored the talks but they have failed to bridge deep mistrust between the two rivals.
Moussa, however, said he had not come to Gaza to give support to any political faction, but to meet the Palestinian people of the territory.
Ismail Haniya, Hamas’s leader in Gaza, said he hoped that Moussa’s visit would result in practical measures to end the siege on Gaza.


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