Yes, Senator, there is a Jewish lobby

By Dr. Patrick Slattery
Sabbath Goy Lindsey Graham must have pleased his Jewish campaign contributors when he got his former colleague Chuck Hagel to backtrack on his claims from 2006 about Congress being intimidated by the “Jewish lobby.” Many commentators are saying that Hagel was incorrect to refer to it as the “Jewish lobby” rather than the “Israel lobby.” They point out that Christian Zionists are the biggest pro-Israel voting block in the United States, while some American Jews do not support Israeli crimes. Rupert Cornwell of the Independent, a British newspaper, is goes farther than most in talking about the power of the Israel lobby, but draws the line at talking about a “Jewish Lobby”:
“It’s always a mistake to use that expression, and not primarily because it sounds anti-Semitic. I did so in a sloppy opening paragraph a few years ago, and was rightly excoriated by American readers. ‘Jewish lobby’ is wrong on two counts. First, the lobby includes many non-Jews, most notably Christian conservatives. Second, many American Jews do not support the group’s hardline policies over Israel. The correct term, as Hagel quickly acknowledged last week, is “Israel lobby’.”
Cornwell may be correct in his description of the “Israel lobby,” but what he completely misses is that there is ALSO a “Jewish lobby,” and that there is a great deal of overlap in both membership and issues. The Israel lobby wants what is good for Israel, and the Jewish lobby wants what it good for Jews. Most American Jews support both Israeli and Jewish interests and thus are likely to belong to or support organizations that could be described as part of either lobby. That the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organization includes groups that are explicitly devoted to Israel as well as those that ostensibly have nothing to do with it belies this fact.
Christian Zionists support Israel because they mistakenly believe that the Zionist project in ethnically cleansing Palestine is somehow a fulfillment of biblical prophecy, not because they necessarily care about what is best for the Jews. So they are part of the Israel lobby, but not the Jewish lobby. Some American Jews oppose the Zionist project in Palestine, at least in its official Israeli government-sponsored form, precisely because the think it is bad for Jewish interests. They want to preserve Jewish power and privilege in the United States and feel that the money, effort, and moral contortion involved in constantly justifying massacres in Gaza or settlements in the West Bank are counterproductive. They are not part of the Israel lobby, but should be thought of as part of the Jewish lobby.
The Jewish lobby is not just concerned about Israel. It wants to make sure that if Rick Sanchez correctly points out that Jews dominate the media he will never work again. It wants to make sure that the president names Jews to all the key posts overseeing the financial industry, from the Fed Board of Governors to the Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission to the federal prosecutors and judges who are in a position to give Wall Street Zio-banksters a free pass out of jail. The Jewish lobby wants to make sure that when Elana Kagen fills at least half of the professor positions at Harvard Law School with fellow Jews it will be erroneously called “white privilege.” It wants to make sure that nobody talks about the fact that Jewish campaign money controls our elections, not votes.
More than anything, the Jewish lobby wants to make sure that America remains a dictatorship under a small tribal elite. I don’t know if that is what Chuck Hagel had in mind when he used that term, but everyone with half a brain in Washington, Wall Street, Hollywood, or Harvard knows who runs things and knows to keep their mouths shut if they want to keep their job. -ps
postscript: If you have not already watched Dr. Duke’s amazing new video, CNN, Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix, please do, and send it to all your friends. It is fifteen minutes that really open people’s eyes!

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