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Israeli teenagers dressing up for the Jewish religious festival of Purim.

It is no accident that the destruction of Iraq and now Libya coincided with the Zionist festival of revenge known as Purim, where Zionist worldwide celebrate the murder of 75,000 Persians as a result of the unholy sexapades and maneuvering of the Jewish heroine Esther. Until people in the west begin the process of understanding the tribal cult of Judaism and what kinds of backwards ideas it imposes upon its captive people, the world will continue to see murder and mayhem taking place on a mass scale as we all now witness in the Middle East.

Shock & Awe 2: US, France, Britain Pound Libya

Gaddafi: We’re not afraid; war will be long

Airstrikes Kill 48, Wound 150 in Civilian Areas: Libya TV

Iran warns Libyans of West’s ‘colonial’ intentions

What Would You Do if Rebels Attacked US Cities, Gadhafi Asks Obama

Arab says stabbed by religious Jews in north

US Sending More Warships to Mediterranean

Gadhafi: Western airstrikes on Libya amount to ‘terrorism’

Zio-Nazi: Assassination of Hamas Leaders Possible

IsraHell army kills 2 teenagers in Gaza

Breaking News: Libyan Hospitals Attacked

Russia calls for end to Libya invasion

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