Wikileaks Editor Julian Assange interviewed Hizbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah


To some Julian Assange is a hero to others a spy, you can watch the show and judge for yourself below.


Assange, who is on bail in the UK while he fights extradition to Sweden on sex crime allegations, speaks to his first guest on his new show.

Hassan Nasrallah, whom the western allies of Israel consider a terrorist, is seen and heard via a video link from a secret location in Lebanon in his first appearance on a foreign TV station in six years.

Assange faced heavy criticism when he announced in January that he would be hosting a series of talk shows on  RT, Russia TV.

He said, however, that he would maintain full editorial control and has promised to feature “iconoclasts, visionaries and power insiders” on the show and focus on issues not covered in mainstream western media.

“Hezbollah urged the Syrian opposition to engage in dialogue with Assad’s regime…”


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