Why the Zionist Supremacists Really Hate Iran

The real reason why the Zi0nist Supremacists really hate Iran is because that nation is currently the only country which dares to publicly tell the truth about Jewish Supremacy in the world today—as evidenced by the conclusion of a major conference this week in Teheran which exposed Zionist control of Hollywood.
Around 1,000 delegates from all over the world attend the conference, organized by Nader Talebzade, and titled “Hollywoodism and Cinema” conference kicked off Sunday.
Referring to a new movie just out from the Hollywod moguls, “Argo,” Talebzade said that the film, which was based on a 1980 CIA operation to spirit Americans out of Iran during a hostage crisis, shows that “promoting phobias of Islam and Iran is part of Hollywood’s plan.
In the hotel auditorium, attendees watched Ben Affleck playing a CIA specialist trying to trick Iranian officials into letting Americans out of Tehran, Sacha Baron Cohen as a farcical “Dictator,” even the fantastical battles between Spartans and Persians in the action film “300.”
Outside the screenings, panelists weighed in on “Hollywood and Depiction of Moral Values,” “Portrayals of Jews in Hollywood,” and “September 11 from Hollywood’s Angle: Psychological Elements, Public Deception,” as a crew of interpreters simultaneously translated their words into Farsi, French and Arabic.
Foreigners peppered the crowd at the Tehran hotel, including the maverick former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska, who defended the disputed Iranian nuclear energy program at the opening ceremony. Conference organizers named 52 foreign attendees; a man renting out interpretation devices said 132 guests spoke languages other than Farsi.
“Hollywood is used to impose on people to think in a single way,” Art Olivier, the libertarian former mayor of the Los Angeles suburb of Bellflower, told The Times on the sidelines of the conference. “In ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ torture is used to protect American interests.”
Also among those attending was Javad Shamaghdari, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, who opened the conference on with a statement that said “Zionist philosophy” influences much of the films that Hollywood produces, and that those films are “serving the devil.”
“Hollywood is not an independent phenomenon and has no uniform nature but surely there is a hidden management that is leading the economic, business, researching and theorizing centers,” Mohammad Hosseini, Iran’s Minister of Culture and Guidance, also went on record as saying.
“There are few people to say the truth that today’s human knowledge shouldn’t be just available for the oppressors and powerful countries who are under domination of the Zionists.”

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