By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Supporters of the Nazi occupation have often made the claim that the Nazi regime abuses of Palestinians are somehow justified by the past suffering of Jews at the hands of states from the Roman Empire to Nazi Germany.


Based on this Zionist thinking, the tormenting of occupied Palestinians is a right that the Nazi Gestapo has ‘earned’ through Jewish suffering and now is the time of the Jews via the Nazi regime to do what they want without anyone intervening.

The British author Martin Amis has announced for example that he will support the Jewish oppression of Palestinians until what the Nazi regime has done to them them has exceeded the entire amount of suffering Jews have endured during their entire history.

In the vision of Amis, the Nazi regime based on Jewish history has a right to literally commit a re-enactment of the Holocaust on Palestinians and he would still keep supporting the Nazi occupation, because the Palestinian suffering would be still less than the Jewish suffering in the last three thousand years and the Nazi state ‘can’t afford’ to treat Palestinians decently.


This is not a fringe view, it is very much an accepted mainstream view in the “West” as the respectful treatment of Amis shows. Imagine the uproar if someone would make such claims outside the magical circle of the Middle East conflict, in which normal rules of morality seem to stop existing like the laws of physics in the singularity at the heart of a black hole.

Amis’ fellow Briton, then the editor of the Times and a now as a baron a member of the British House of Lords, Daniel Finkeltein wrote in 2009 that because the world allowed Anne Frank to die in the hands of the Nazis in 1945, it means that the world must now allow ‘Israel’ to attack Palestinians without any opposition or criticism.


Killing of Palestinian children, according to Finkelstein, is Zio-Nazi right earned through the past killing of Jewish children by non-Palestinians. Palestinians are made to stand for Nazi concentration camp guards as the targets of Jewish retribution meted on them by the Nazi military.

This is again a mainstream view and Lord Finkelstein is treated as a honoured member of the British establishment whose views on British policy on ‘Israel’ and the Palestinians must be heard and taken into account.

In this non-humanizing Zionism Palestinians are simply made into unhuman punchbags on which Jews via the Nazi regime can take out their bad feelings and historical resentment by beating them again and again, and no right-thinking person should intervene in anyway – after all, to do so would be not to respect Jewish suffering to which it is a righteous answer, and no real human beings are hurt anyway.


The basic Zionist demand to the world is that Palestinians are not accepted as a real nation, not treated as real human beings, that it is taken as granted that they don’t really suffer. Those of the more Liberal Zionist inclination who accept Palestinians as a lesser kind of human beings (like some ‘progressive’ US politician would view the Native Americans around 1890) their suffering is still their own fault for not willingly giving up their homeland to Jews to which it really belongs to as their God-given patrimony and/or compensation for the Holocaust and other past atrocities.

PM Netanyahu laying a wreath at the World Holocaust Forum at Yad Vashem

The status of the victim is denied to the Palestinians, the continuation of the occupation is blamed on those living under it because in the rules that Zionism with the support of the ‘West’ has made up there can be only one victim and it must be ‘Israel’ as the representative of the Jews and their entire historical experience.

To point out how this re-creates the past dehumanization of Jews and the ‘rationalizations’ behind the oppression they suffered is, of course, ‘anti-semitism’ – because the mirror must only tell who is the truest victim of them all and refuse to show 72 years of ethnic cleansing, human rights violations and 53 years of Nazi occupation.

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