Why It's So Hard for Naziyahu to Condemn Nazi Jewish Settler Terror ?


LISTEN: Why It’s So Hard for Netanyahu to Condemn Settler Terror

The prime minister’s deafening silence on allegations of Jewish attacks against Palestinians is emboldening these lawless, racist vigilantes. Listen to our free podcast.

Haaretz-weekly - Anshel Pfeffer
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In this week’s episode of Haaretz Weekly, Haaretz’s Anshel Pfefferjoins host Simon Spungin to discuss a wide range of subjects, from Israel’s recently confirmed military activity in Syria to the spate of Jewish terror attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank.

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 12

Why are outgoing IDF chief Gadi Eizenkot and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suddenly speaking so openly about airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria? What will the U.S. military withdrawalmean for Israel’s freedom of operation in the region? Why are centrist and right-of-center politicians so taciturn when it comes to condemning acts of violence committed by Jewish extremists? What could Russia possibly hope to achieve by interfering in the Israeli election? And could a former defense minister who once called Peace Now a virus be the knight in shining armor for the anti-Bibi crowd?

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