Zio-Wahhabi Saudi plane landed at Ben-Gurion airport in illegally occupied Tel Aviv, this Wednesday.
The rumor mill went wild. Many initially thought that the plane was landed  due to sign of closer relations between the two, but now Zionist regime is claiming that it was actually part of routine, scheduled checks for the aircraft.
Zio-Wahhabi Airlines denied reports that the event occurred and is now looking to see if the carrier violated the terms of their contract.
According to Zionist regime, the plane, an Airbus A330-300, belonged to a European airline who was leasing it to Zio-Wahhabi Airlines, Wahhabi family-owned national airline of Saudi Arabia.
The Airbus had no passengers on board when it landed and was scheduled to land for routine check-ups by Bedek, Zionist company contracted by Zionist Aircraft Industries.
An IAI spokesperson confirmed the plane’s arrival to The Times of Israel and said that the “ongoing and routine maintenance” that the company provided for the European airline.
Zionist puppet regime Royal Jordanian and Zionist puppet Ordogan Turkish Airlines are the only flagship Middle Eastern arilines who operate to and from Ben Gurion Airport.

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