by Jeff Davis
The Republican Party pretends to be for lower taxes, and most White people think they support gun ownership and the general interests of White people, but nothing could be further from the truth. Republican politicians are whores for big business and the Zionist lobby.
It is possible to influence politicians a little bit on certain issues, by calling them up everyday and screaming at them when an important issue comes up. And that’s exactly what we’ll have to do to block Obama’s Amnesty scheme –assuming we have a chance. Amnesty was shot down in 2007, but the Democrats have a large majority in Congress now, and Amnesty might get rammed through against our will just like health care.
One of the things which is vitally necessary to understand the upcoming Obama-choreographed “debate” on so-called “immigration reform” is the fact that the power structure wants these illegal aliens here. The two party system has stacked the deck against us. If anyone has any doubts, just take a look at all the federal judges, who keep ruling in favor of illegal aliens.
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports: “A federal judge has ruled that a Farmers Branch [Texas] ordinance banning illegal immigrants from renting apartments is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Jane J. Boyle of Dallas ruled Wednesday that the ordinance was an attempt to enforce U.S. immigration laws, something only the federal government can do.”
This has always been once of the most utterly lame excuses for refusing to allow local cops to enforce immigration law–the idea that only the federal government can enforce federal laws. Bank robbery is also a federal offense. Does that mean that local police and highway patrol must just stand around and wait for the FBI while the bank on Main Street is robbed?
NBC goes on: “The ordinance established a licensing system for renters in Farmers Branch. Renters would be required to pay a $5 fee and obtain a residential occupancy license issued by the city’s building inspector. Under the system, the building inspector would verify a renter’s immigration status with federal officials if the renter did not declare him or herself a citizen or national of the United States. The city would revoke the licenses of people the federal government said were in the country illegally.
The judge also said in her ruling that Ordinance 2952 directly and substantially regulates the residence of immigrants in Farmers Branch, which interferes with the uniform enforcement of federal immigration laws. The city has for years been trying to enforce bans on landlords renting to illegal immigrants. Federal courts have also struck down other versions of the ordinance.”
So not only are local police blocked from rounding up illegal aliens, liberal judges are blocking attempts by some states and cities to make life uncomfortable for illegals by blocking them from renting apartments. This sort of law probably does a lot more for the quality of life for the Americans in these apartment complexes. No one wants the apartment next door to get rented out to a dozen Mexican day laborers.
White people voted the Republican Party into office in the year 2000. They controlled all three branches of government for six years, and yet they did NOTHING to expel large numbers of illegal aliens. George W. Bush was a crazy pro-Amnesty lunatic, who helped lie us into an illegal war on Iraq.
Thanks to Diebold machines, the Republican party “produced” John McCain as their candidate in 2008, who was also very pro-war and also pro-Amnesty. How is it that 99 percent of Republicans are emphatically opposed to Amnesty, but the people at the top of the Republican Party all seem to be pro-Amnesty?
The real reason for this is that Zionist control the Republican Party. Zionist control the Republican Party through their mass media and blackmail. They have secret files on who all the Gay Republicans are and if one of them resists their agenda, they’ll send out a plain-clothes detective to “out” them in an airport bathroom.
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a blueprint for how the Jews will secretly control Gentile nations through control of the mass media and how they’ll control individual politicians through blackmail and how they will create a culture that turns young people against God.
Zionist don’t want America to be a majority White nation with Christianity as the dominant religion. They want America to turn into a racial Babylon with no dominant religion. If  Zionist can make US citizens out of 30 million illegal aliens, they’ll be well on their way to turning America into a non-White nation within our lifetimes. Hopefully our politicians will listen to the American public and block this, but they sure didn’t listen on health care.

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