Who Am I?


If I am to be defined by what I do, then define me as a supporter of civilization, a supporter of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, a supporter of the right to choose, a supporter of secular government and democracy.
Define me as pushing against the wind, because Western governments oppose these things. Our governments oppose democracy in Syria and beyond. They oppose secular governance. They support anti-democratic fundamentalist interpretations of Sharia law, they support terrorism.
Our governments support al Qaeda, ISIS and their affiliates. Our governments willfully destroy countries, create chaos, sectarianism and commit mass murder so they can control, loot, and plunder prey countries. I oppose this. Define me by my opposition to this and I won’t object.
Our governments no longer represent decent people. How could they? Our governments and their agencies demonstrate time and again that they are vassals to NATO and to globalizing trajectories that are anti-Life, anti- democracy, anti- you and me. Define me in my opposition to NATO and to the dictatorship of publicly bailed-out “neoliberalism” and I won’t object.
A fabricated groupthink has poisoned and corrupted us all. I oppose the messaging that makes us cogs in a mindless war machine. Define me by my opposition to the overseas holocaust that our governments create and sustain, and I won’t mind.
But it isn’t just me. We are all being swept across a stormy frothing sea, rudderless, despairing. Not one of us is alone.
When we find a common language of truth and peace, we will find salvation.

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