Syria: The White Helmets Are Terrorist Auxiliaries


First published on October 30, 2019
Canada’s decision to welcome White Helmets terrorists evacuated from Syria is consistent with Canada’s overall strategy throughout the course of this criminal “Regime Change” war against Syria, a founding member of the United Nations, according to Mark Taliano, the Canadian political analyst and Research Associate at Global research.
Taliano told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the strategy consists of pretending that the war of aggression using terrorist proxies is “humanitarian” while at the same time supporting all of the terrorists in coordination with a “coalition” that consists of NATO and its allies.
“Some refer to the strategy as a “double game”… Will the consequences of this “double game” imperil Canadians? It is impossible to foresee the future, but these terrorists are “intelligence assets”, and the government will no doubt provide them with adequate remuneration for “services rendered”, he added, raising the question: “ Why would the terrorists bite the hand that feeds them?
The “White Helmets” fit the storyline — eerily evocative of the colonial supremacist euphemism “White Man’s Burden” — perfectly. They are presented as the “good guys” in white rescuing humanity from the mythical “brutal dictator”, Taliano asserted.
He referred to the fact that evidence-based reality contradicts this narrative completely.

“At the very least, the White Helmets are terrorist auxiliaries. More likely, as recently admitted by a White Helmet operative to investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley, they are (sectarian) terrorists themselves. Additionally, 50% of the evacuees are said to be terrorist leaders and ISIS.”

The final destinations of those ‘good guys’ are kept secret

 “Interestingly, whereas the Canadian government and the colonial media present the White Helmets as heroes, at the same time, they are keeping their arrival and their final destinations secret. Not much of a hero’s welcome,” Taliano said.

He made it clear that if the government were to disclose the truth about these terrorists, then presumably “Anti-Terror” legislation and public juridicial proceedings would follow.

“This is unlikely to happen, however, since public criminal court proceedings would necessarily disclose the Canadian government’s guilt in supporting the very same terrorists that it claims to be combatting,” concluded the analyst and the author of “Voices from Syria”.

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