What was the condition of the Cubs prisoners during the past month?

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine – Quds News : The Nazi occupation authorities imposed fines against the Palestinian prisoners in Ofer, during the month of February, amounting to 41 thousand shekels.

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority reported in its report today, Monday, that (41) minor prisoners were admitted to the Cubs prisoners’ section in “Ofer” during the past month.

She explained that 20 children were arrested from the homes, 6 from the roads, 1 for not having a permit, 6 after being summoned, and 8 were arrested at the military checkpoints.

Among these prisoners, the cubs, who were arrested during the aforementioned month, were registered two minors who were subjected to brutal attacks, and were abused during the process of their arrest and interrogation in the detention centers of the occupation.

She added that the number of children sentenced during the aforementioned month was 20 minors, and the sentences ranged between 7 months to a year, knowing that the number of captive cubs currently held in detention is (53) children and they remain in section (13).

Sick prisoners in Ramle clinic are threatening to strike

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The sick prisoners at the Ramleh Prison clinic threatened to launch an open-ended hunger strike in the coming days, in order to reject the occupation’s willful neglect.

According to the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, the prisoners said in a letter conveyed by counsel that “their bodies no longer bear the deadly aches and deadly tumors, and that the rest of their flesh and skins no longer respond to the pain that I have been addicted to for years.”

They added: “We are the sick prisoners, in the Ramla slaughterhouse, our bodies are no longer like human beings, we kill slowly healthy and we see death every day in a hundred forms. Every day we bid farewell to a friend of ours to the grave, such as Bassam Al-Sayeh and Sami Abu Diyak, and tomorrow another martyr will fall until we all die as if we are worthless Or consideration. “

They said: “Over the coming days we will initiate an open-ended hunger strike to live in dignity or die, and we are crying out to hear the pain of our bodies the fake world of democracy and human rights.”

The prisoners revealed that, during the recent period, the occupation prevented them from purchasing 172 food items from the “cantina”, and imposed other forms of abuse on them.

The authority stated that the occupation held 12 sick prisoners in the clinic, including four seats, with cancer, lead, and amputation.

Nazi occupation extending the arrest of the captive Aya Khatib under the pretext of completing the investigation  


The Nazi occupation court in Haifa extended the arrest of the young woman, Aya Khatib, from the occupied interior until Friday, March 13, to complete the investigation.

Lawyer Badr Aghbarieh told Quds News that the Magistrate’s Court judge had extended Khatib’s detention until next Friday, March 13th, on the pretext of completing investigations with her.

He added that the occupation prosecution will submit an indictment next week against the young woman, Khatib, stressing that the charges are still unknown and the file is “secret.”

It is noteworthy that the young woman is a preacher from the village of Arara in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and she is married and mother of two children, where the occupation intelligence arrested her from her house on the 17th of last February.

Aya Khatib is the owner of the initiatives and campaigns of charity that target the sick and needy of our people in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, and she provides them with what she was able to do through charitable actors. In a short time, you get the required amount through the philanthropists.

After that, she was gathering what the patient needed in terms of medications, clothes, food, milk, and medical devices, and did not give money to anyone according to her friends, she only provided the necessary for each patient or needy.    

And the pioneers and activists of social networking sites are still in solidarity with Aya Khatib and demanding her release, and tweet by tagging # Freedom –  to Aya Khatib # We _ support it similar to the hashtag that Khatib launched in every post she was seeking to help a patient or needy.

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