By : Max Aji

Zionist regime of Mu-Barak in Egypt is taking a lesson from its financier. You don’t like what’s coming over your border? Solution’s simple. Lock it down. In lieu of gassing the tunnels while Palestinians are inside them–with mounting deaths–Mu-Barak has decided to drop huge steel slabs 20 to 30 meters deep into the earth. They will cut off most, but not all, of the ongoing “smuggling”: food, fuel, water, medicine. Electronics, cows, and quartered cars. The cars, perhaps the Palestinians can do without for the moment. They’re only accessible to the ~10 percent of the population that effectively participates in the money-economy. Lack of cars tends not to kill.
Food is a bit of a problem. So is gas. The tunnels supply all of the commercial-use petrol and diesel available in Gaza. So why build an iron under/above-ground wall cutting them off?
More orders coming down from the Empire: “Observers say mounting American pressure is in part responsible for increasing Egyptian efforts to combat the smugglers.” That’s the audacity of hope. Dare to starve children and receive a nice Christmas present: 1.5 billion dollars to prop up your dictatorship. Thanks Obama.

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