Israeli forces detain Hamas MPs, officials across West Bank

Israel arrested 25 Palestinians in the West Bank overnight on Sunday, including two Hamas elected officials. The MPs are Hatim Qafisha from Hebron city and Ahmad Attoun, a lawmaker from Jerusalem who was exiled by Israel to Al-Bireh in the West Bank.
According to latest figures from prisoners group Addameer, Israel currently holds 4,743 Palestinians in its prisons, including 12 Palestinian MPs and 178 prisoners held without charge. The detention of MPs breaches widely accepted immunities for elected officials, yet Israeli occupation policies mean such arrests are a matter of course.
FOA is deeply concerned by the seemingly indiscriminate arrests of individuals responsible for governing the Palestinian people, which amounts to further obstruction of the administration of the Palestinian state.
Many Palestinian prisoners are detained in shocking conditions, which contravene international law and human rights conventions. These conditions have prompted a hunger strike by hundreds of prisoners.

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