West Bank: Including A Teacher, Schoolgirls, Nazi Soldiers Abduct 17 Palestinians

Nazi soldiers abducted, Wednesday, seventeen Palestinians, including two schoolgirls, in addition to their teacher and the school’s principal, in several parts of the Nazi occupied West Bank.

In Nazi occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers invaded a school in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and violently searched it, before abducting two teenage sibling girls, in addition to a teacher and the principal.

Eyewitnesses said the Nazi soldiers interrogated the principal before abducting her and another female teacher, and violently searched the school, causing damage, before abducting the teenage sibling girls.

In Bethlehem, south of Nazi occupied Jerusalem, the Nazi soldiers abducted eight Palestinians after invading and ransacking their homes in several parts of the governorate.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) said the Nazi soldiers abducted a young woman, a former political prisoner identified as Shorouq Mohammad al-Badan, 28, from her home in Teqoua’ town, east of Bethlehem.

It added that the Nazi soldiers also abducted Amir Morad Taqatqa, 19, Mohammad Ibrahim Thalji, Mohammad Ibrahim Deeriyya, 17, and Karam Moshref Deeriyya, 19, from their homes in Beit Fajjar town, south of Bethlehem.

The Nazi soldiers also invaded Beit Sahour, east of Bethlehem, searched several homes before abducting Qussai Eyad al-‘Asleeni, 23, Luay Haitham al-‘Asleeni, 20, and Ahmad Abdullah Shu’eibat, 27.

In Nablus, in northern Nazi occupied West Bank, the soldiers abducted Islam Nasser Shorafa, 34, and Sharar Mifleh Hamayel, 29, from Beita town, southeast of the city, in addition to Bashir Abu Jesh, 38, from Beit Dajan, and a former political prisoner, Abdullah Abdul-Karim Halabi, 47, from Rojeeb town, east of Nablus.

In Ramallah, in the central West Bank, the Nazi soldiers abducted Mojahed as-Saq’an, from his home.

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