Welcome to Biden’s Animal Farm 2022 where all animals are equally miserable

Vaughn Cordle, CFA

Ionosphere Capital Research

Democrats will have to defend and explain what they stand for and why they push big government socialism. They have a lot of explaining to do. Unconstitutional and unwarranted mandates, high fuel costs, food inflation, falling real wages, empty grocery shelves, porous borders, spiking crime and police murders, rising homelessness and drug use, and anti-growth and anti-America policies.

Biden’s policies are a disaster and an honest government would tell us why its happening and what they are going to do about it.

The government treats the people as if they were sheep. They herd us using regulatory and authoritarian control, which includes propaganda and censorship. They want to feed, educate, vaccinate, and provide health care for all. And, of course, to do this they need to shear us through taxation. Over time, however, the flock is not so healthy because there aren’t enough resources to feed and care for all the sheep.

The wolves and hyenas pick off the weak as border fences deteriorate. The most productive sheep are sheared too often until they run away to greener pastures. Like Mr. Jones in Orwell’s Animal Farm, the farm bosses are lazy and incompetent—many are also corrupt—so they mismanage an indifferent and unmotivated unionized workforce. Hence high bureaucratic costs and the lack of border security results in waste, leakage, and poor unit production of wool.

Shorn of their fleece, the remaining sheep shiver in the cold, and the farm falls into disrepair. Welcome to Biden’s Animal Farm 2022 where all animals are equally miserable—except some on Capitol Hill who strut about in their warm woollen coats. 

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