Activist: Watch Out For IDF Stealing Organs In Haiti

West says tragedy is being exploited for money by Israel

Paul Joseph Watson


Black rights activist T. West of AfriSynergy Productions warns that people need to be aware of the tragedy in Haiti being exploited by nefarious groups for their own gain, including Israel, who have admittedly stolen organs from dead Palestinians in the past.

West highlighted a CNN news clip as evidence of how the media is promoting the Israeli relief efforts in Haiti as second to none. Though praising the Israelis for their support for the victims and outstanding medical facilities, West warned that there were “personalities who are out for money” operating in Haiti with no monitoring of their activities.

“It is good that the IDF and others are helping there, but everywhere there is death, there are exploiters. There needs to be transparency in Haiti,” West told YNet News in an interview.

“The Haitian people must watch out for their citizens,” said West, highlighting past cases of IDF stealing organs from Palestinians.

Last month, the London Guardian reported on the admission of Dr Yehuda Hiss, the former head of Israel’s forensic institute, who stated that the organs of Palestinians were harvested without consent from family members. This followed a controversy after a Swedish newspaper reported that Palestinians were deliberately being abducted and killed by Israeli Defense Forces so their organs could be harvested and sold.


“The U.S. media are quick to talk about people who are stealing, people who are looting in Haiti….so be aware of this, be aware and be cautious of international groups and certainly individuals within those groups who are out for money and to earn money off of your tragedy,” said West.

West also said that musician Wyclef Jean was being demonized by the media because he was promoting methods of donating to charity where the money actually goes to victims and doesn’t get swallowed up by giant transnational charities who have been caught stealing money before.

“Jean Wyclef’s name, as is so often done with Black people, is being maligned in the media. Wyclef is a native of Haiti and is using his influence in the entertainment industry to bring assistance to the Haitian people,” wrote West.

In subsequent videos, West addressed those who attacked him for warning about the potential misdeeds of the IDF, saying, “These individuals are of the Zionist persuasion, they will go all out to defend Israel and the dirty things that the IDF do.”

Watch the You Tube clips below.…-in-haiti.html

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