Maldivians: Israeli doctors ‘harvest organs


(Video) Israeli medical humanitarian delegation sent to save Maldives residents eyesight greeted by protestors claiming ‘Israeli-Zionist conspiracy’

Itamar Eichner

Angry protestorsThe association’s website stated that there was no possible way the Jews came to Maldives without a hidden agenda. Adhaalath explained that the Israeli physicians are part of an Israel-Jewish organization responsible for sending doctors all over the world to harvest non-Jewish organs and implant them in Jews – claiming it is the same thing Israel had done to Palestinian bodies.

VIDEO – The Republic of Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean and the smallest Muslim country in the world, has been enraged in the past few days due to an


The Eye of Zion organization’s delegation was sent to the islands on behalf of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, who renewed diplomatic relations with Israel only about a year ago. The relationship was frozen following the


The party demanded the government expel the Israeli delegation immediately and not allow them to operate in the country.

The doctors arrived to the islands last Thursday, but received a permit to operate in the country’s capital of Male and in another location only on Saturday. Despite demonstrations, hundreds of patients awaited the arrival of the doctors.

On Saturday, the delegation was welcomed by President Mohamed Nasheed who told the physicians that the majority of Maldivian citizen appreciate their humanitarian efforts.

The Israeli Delegation Leader and Foreign Minister representative Chaim Shacham said that all in all they received a very warm welcome and that the island residents are lovely people.

“I was surprised by how nice, warm and open they were. They are one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. They welcomed us nicely. I felt we have a lot of friends over here. All of the ministers I’ve met acknowledge the fact that there are demonstrations and many objections to us coming here, but they don’t see it as something of great importance. The authorities have made sure to provide us with security, so we feel safe. A few news items were published claiming we’re here to steal organs. The amazing thing is that despite the propaganda and blood libels there is a huge demand for checkups and surgeries.”

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