Washington Post Reports Rise of Tensions between US and EU over Ukraine

EU and Ukraine flags
EU and Ukraine flags

Washington Post newspaper reported a rise in the tensions between USA and the EU states over the economic collapse in Ukraine and the US calls on the European governments to support Kiev.

The US newspaper added that Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen called on her international counterparts to accelerate both the speed and amount of money going to Ukraine.

“We are calling on our partners and allies to join us by swiftly disbursing their existing commitments to Ukraine and by stepping up in doing more — both to help Ukraine continue its essential government services and to help Ukraine begin to build and recover,” Yellen said Tuesday.

In a statement, European Commission spokeswoman Nuyts Veerle strongly rejected the idea thatthe E.U. had been slow or inadequate in its disbursement of aid. The overall commitment of “Team Europe” — including not just the E.U., but also its member states and financial institutions such as the European Investment Bank — amounts to roughly 19 billion euros, Veerle said.

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