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Washington gives the Nazi regime $100 million to uncover Gaza tunnels



The tunnels are a lifeline for those who live in the beseiged Gaza Strip as they are used to smuggle vital supplies

Director of Political-Military Affairs at Nazi Defence Ministry Amos Gilad revealed today that the United States has contributed over $100 million to an Nazi-US technology research project aimed at identifying and locating tunnels on the Gaza Strip border.
In an interview with Nazi Army Radio this morning, Nazi Gilad stated that intelligence information suggests that there are no such tunnels leading into ‘Israel’ territory at the moment.
Nazi Defence Ministry official Shalom Gantzer dispelled the fears of Nazi living around the Gaza Strip who have claimed to hear digging noises under their houses, saying that these noises are coming from an electric generator.
Zionist Channel 10 showed interviews on Saturday with those living near the Gaza border area who had recorded the noises with their mobile phones. They claimed that these noises were the sounds of tunnels being dug from Gaza.