Wake Up America with Sammi Ibrahem; Interviews Syrian President Assad's Information Minister

Wake Up America with Sammi Ibrahem

by crescentandcross

Sammi interviews Syrian President Assad’s Information Minister about the foreign elements sabotaging that country.

Our apologies over the technical problems. As soon as the program began we were besieged with internet breakdowns and computer crashes.


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Hi Sam,

This is Maha Mehanna from Gaza, Palestine. I’m writing to you from my private email address.

I’ve noticed that you didn’t post anything new on your Facebook, and you didn’t get online at all on Skype tonight and last night. Are you OK?. I really hope you are well and having a great weekend. I wish you all the best, ALWAYS!!!
By the way, I listened to your radio show on Friday. It was really good and you did great but the technical problem affected the show a little bit. I tried to call several times, but I got disconnected.
I’d like you to know that I really liked you, but I didn’t like your guest (the Syrian Information Minister) and I didn’t buy anything of what he said during the show. He is from the Syrian government, and of course he supports the government and he didn’t tell the truth at all.
In order to get the whole truth about what’s really going on in Syria, and to be objective, I think you have to interview persons from the ordinary Syrian people too and listen to what they say. You can never get the whole truth from one side.
I really hate all Arab governments. They are all reactionary criminals, but I hate foreign intervention too. That’s my opinion.
Please be well and take care.
All the best … and Happy Weekend !!!


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