The Piper Report

The Piper Report Dec 16, 2013 by crescentandcross MUST HEAR PROGRAM–Hitler’s response to the infamous declaration of war against Germany by Jewish interests, translated from German and read aloud for the first time. mcp-dec-16-2013.mp3 Download Here THANK […]

MoZ Report

MoZ Report Dec 12, 2013 by crescentandcross Apartheid South Africa and Nelson Mandela: The good, the bad, the ugly and the Jewish. A masterful historical breakdown and analysis by the one and only Jonathan Azaziah. Don’t miss […]

The Victory Hour Broadcast

NOVANEWS The Victory Hour Broadcast Dec 8, 2013 TVH European Front Max’s Excellent Adventure with The Empire’s DHS. No, not two slackers time travelling in a 1979 cult classic, but a real life romp through the […]

Mask of Zion Report

PLEASE CLICK HER Mask of Zion Report Dec 5, 2013 by crescentandcross Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s groundbreaking interview with OTV, in which he calls out Saudi Arabia like never before, the Israeli-Saudi geopolitical designs behind the assassination of […]

The Victory Hour

The Victory Hour Dec 1, 2013 by crescentandcross TVH European Front Revolt Of The Plebs host Keith Johnson joins Val Shadowhawk and Max French. The collusion of Wall Street and Hell with the once sovereign NYPD spreading […]

Mask of Zion Report

Mask of Zion Report Nov 29, 2013 by crescentandcross Jam-packed two-hour edition of the Mask of the Zion Report! The indefatigable, fiery Jonathan Azaziah debuts “Solidarity (Global South Anthem)”, the latest single off of his debut album […]

The Victory Hour

The Victory Hour Nov 27, 2013 by crescentandcross   tvh-nov-27-2013.mp3 Download Here THANK YOU FOR ASSISTING WITH THE COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH PRODUCING THIS PROGRAM