Dear,As we head into this holiday weekend where we celebrate the birth of our nation, I thought I would report to you what we have accomplished this last week. For weeks we’ve asked members of Congress to demand a timeline for our withdrawal from Afghanistan. As part of the vote on the latest funding bill for the war last night, we got 162 votes in support of that legislation. That wasn’t enough to take us over the top, but last year we only got 138 votes for the same idea — so Congressional support for ending this wrong-headed war is growing.
We also asked you to consider participating in a national civil dialogue last week about the federal budget, a project called “America Speaks.” The results of that large-scale discussion are in, and were amazingly in line with our values. Across the country, a whopping 85% of participants supported reducing Pentagon spending! The issue TrueMajority members have been fighting for since the beginning is taking a hold in the mainstream. More than half of the participants want to cut Pentagon spending by 15% — the number we’ve been touting for years, based on the advice of retired generals and admirals. Those findings were presented to the Presidential Debt Commission.
And next week we’ll begin ramping up our new project in cooperation with MoveOn and the Other 98% campaign to oppose the corporate takeover of our democracy. Enjoy a few days of relaxation, and remembering why we do this work!
Matt Holland
Online Director
TrueMajority / USAction

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