Video: How Fruitless Is Collective Punishment? “Does the US support the Unbridled Invasion of Gaza by the Nazi Military?”

Judge Andrew Napolitano with Philip Giraldi

By Philip Giraldi and Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Global Research,

Judge Andrew Napolitano: What damage is Israel doing not just to Gaza, not just to itself, but to the world by its invasion of the Gaza Strip?

Video: “This is much worse than you can imagine.” FBI Had Agents Everywhere on January 6th

Does the US support the unbridled invasion of Gaza by the Israeli military? And if so, does it appreciate the consequences of such support?

Philip Giraldi: The fundamental question that we’re confronting here is the extent to which the US is capable of supporting its own national interest which includes not getting involved in places like Ukraine and Israel-Gaza unless there is a compelling national interest that drives the process.

In this case the US was not threatened by either the Russians or the Gazans yet it’s fully engaged in the process of supporting countries that are basically not doing any good for us.

Watch the video below for the full interview of Philip Giraldi.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video

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