Hoffman Lied When Claiming He was a Victim of anti-Semitism

Jonathan Hoffman Lied When Claiming ‘Anti-Semitic’ Abuse
Anti-semitism is a terrible thing. Nothing can more trivialise it than accusing people who are not anti-semitic of being anti-Semites. Nothing can weaken our defences against anti-semitism and any other form of racism than making false and bogus allegations of ‘anti-semitism.’
It is the ‘boy cried wolf’ syndrome. If you cry ‘anti-semitism’ for long enough when it doesn’t exist then when it does exist don’t be surprised if people turn the other way.
At a meeting called by Bricup on December 4th to support the Boycott of Israel one of the 2 speakers, Bongani Masuku, was disgracefully attacked as an anti-Semite. In fact he is nothing of the kind but some jumped up South African quango decided that his anti-Zionism was a form of ‘hate speech’ [reactionaries don’t like the word racism, it’s too closely connected with socialism and imperialism and opposition to oppression].
Bongani after all was speaking alongside a Jewish speaker, former South African Police Minister Ronni Kassrills. But then Kassrills is an anti-Zionist so his views no doubt don’t count.
When Jonathan Hoffman, notorious clown and Vice-Chairman of the Zionist Federation got up to attack Bongani as an ‘anti-Semite’ etc. he was, quite rightly, vigorously heckled. Note he wasn’t, like anti-Zionists at Zionist meetings, physically attacked, punched etc. Two weeks, yes two weeks later, the heckling of Hoffman had become anti-semitic!
Apparently ‘Jewish’ and ‘Jew’ had been hurled at him. He hadn’t complained at the time but when a Tory student activist, Raheem Kassam made this allegation, Hoffman suddenly realised he was a victim!
The BBC report of the meeting was quick as ever to take Hoffman’s point of view. The only problem? There was a video and whatever else it showed there was no anti-semitic chanting. Problem. The BBC quickly replaced the article and has now made a handsome and full apology for what happened to Naomi Wimborne of J-Big, Bricup and SOAS Palestine Society..
And Hoffman? No doubt he will continue to see anti-semitism where it doesn’t exist and miss it where it does. Hoffman of course, like Gordon Brown, is partially sighted.
He just can’t see racism when Jewish settlers displace Arab families in Jerusalem or Arabs are not allowed the same water rations as Jewish settlers on the West Bank or when Arabs are told they can’t travel on Jewish settler roads, or the multitude of other forms of discrimination [only Palestinian children can be imprisoned etc.]. But when it comes to ‘anti-semitism’ he is ever alert, nose twitching, for the slightest sign of ‘anti-semitism’.
Even the Zionist’s Community Security Trust, which had initially backed Hoffman up and which is no slouch itself at manipulating and distorting figures, has distanced itself from Hoffman’s bogus complaint, refusing to record it as an anti-semitic incident. But Hoffman? He goes merrily along making a fool of himself.
We hear he is now trying to claim Marek Edelman, the last Commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising for the Zionist cause, even though he was an anti-Zionist member of the Bund and compared Palestinian fighters to the Jewish Fighting Organisation in the Warsaw Ghetto.
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