Ukrainian Army in Spirited but Losing Defense at Izyum trapping 135,000 Troops


The map:

Colonel Cassad: The main territory of the city is controlled by Russian troops, the AFU have been knocked out of the city center, but while retreating, the Ukrainians blew up two automobile bridges and found themselves on a peninsula of sorts.

Cristian 🅉 @cristian_dobrev·Mar 13, 2022Replying to @Dembele2229 and @RWApodcastThe Ukrainians have been entrenching themselves and fortifying their positions in the Donbass for 8 years, while Kiev has only been defended for 2 weeks. The stronger positions are clearly in the East.Fake Name blah blah blah…@FakeNam35835533I thought they would be trapped like this. Thats why Izyum is important.

Vlad Slavov @VladSlavov1/2 This is the tactical situation around #Donbass. The main #Ukrainian army of 135000 is trapped “Stalingrad Style”. The #Russian army is advancing from both sides. After they capture #Izyum and block the blue escape route, the only one left is the pink one to Dniepro.


The Seversky Donets River creates a bend in the city and the southern part of the city, where the television tower is located, is under the control of the AFU.

Hindustan Ambassador@Ambassador_2002Lmao people were saying Izyum had fallen a week ago


Up to a battalion of enemy infantry, reinforced with mortars and MLRS, is concentrated in this part of the city. Another bridge, a pedestrian bridge, leads to the southern part of the city. During the attack on Izyum, up to a company of Russian infantry was able to break through to the southern part of the city.

Despite all the attempts by the enemy to dislodge the Russian troops, the Russian troops are not only holding on, but are gradually expanding their territorial control.

In order to encircle the AFU in the city and further move towards Slavyansk, the Russian Armed Forces set up a pontoon crossing below Izyum. It was for this crossing that there were fights for two days. A depth reconnaissance company crossed the river, entrenched itself and fought to secure the crossing while the bulk of armored vehicles and infantry tried to cross it.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces were taking accurate mortar and artillery fire at the crossing, and our APC was literally rocking from the close bursts. Deep at night, near the village of Kamianka, an air strike was launched against a cluster of enemy equipment and infantry that was hiding in the woods. I think I will soon be able to show you the objective control footage

THAMIR Al-Salihy@talsalihy3
GLOBALHUB | FAST NEWS, [Mar 13, 2022 at 18:11] Тhe deployment point of the 81st AFU Brigade in Izyum, which was repulsed by the Russian military


Unfortunately, a scout died yesterday while holding the bridgehead. A mine hit him directly.

As for the AFU at Izyum, I would like to say the following. They are fighting competently, firing mortars and artillery very accurately. In the forests to the east and west of Izyum, as well as to the south on the road to Slavyansk, fortified areas are created, from which mobile groups are constantly coming out, with roving mortars and MLRS, which get off the ground literally after the first volley.

The enemy is using drones, armed with Bukas and MANPADs, which is why the army air force is very careful in this area. On the territory cleared of the enemy, Russian troops distribute humanitarian aid, trying to establish basic living conditions for local residents. At first the locals perceived us with caution, but now the bulk of them are very sympathetic.

Now the Izyum direction is becoming a priority. If the Russian Armed Forces’ offensive is successful, it will make it possible to surround the entire Donetsk enemy grouping and join the LNR troops, creating a cauldron for several tens of thousands of AFU soldiers. Kiev is well aware of this, and therefore is making every effort to prevent the Russian troops from advancing.

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