UK: Zionist puppet minister says BDS will be outlawed

Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick arrives at 10 Downing Street on December 17, 2019 in London, United Kingdom. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is holding the first Cabinet meeting since winning a majority of 80 seats in the General Election last week [Kate Green - Anadolu Agency]

UK Zionist puppet MP Robert Jenrick said that legislation would be passed to outlaw Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, the Zionist Jerusalem Post reported.

The comments were made at the Leadership Dialogue Institute (LDI), described on its website as a ‘private diplomatic channel’ to strengthen ties between the UK, ‘Israel’ and Australia.

Former housing minister Jenrick was participating in an event covering the pandemic, Zionist technology and antisemitism, at a ‘conversation’ titled “Why Do So Many People Hate Jews?”

He said: “In the following months, we will be working to outlaw BDS in the UK.”

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He continued by saying he felt like BDS wasn’t being “beaten back”.

He added: “There is no political party in the UK that would support BDS today and [supporting BDS] is becoming much more of a fringe activity.”

The meeting was chaired by former chair of Labour Friends of ‘Israel’ and ex-MP for Enfield North, and featured Nazi Likud MK Avi Dichter.

This comes after London City University were threatened with legal action by UK Lawyers for the Nazi regime, after the student union voted overwhelmingly to back BDS at the university.

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