Nazi general warns of ‘terrifying’ scenario awaiting Tel Aviv

‘Israel’ general warns of ‘terrifying’ scenario awaiting Tel Aviv

Israeli forces seen as Palestinian residents of Jaffa gather to protest the destruction of the historic Muslim Al-Isaf cemetery affiliated to Tel Aviv municipality by Israeli authorities after a Friday prayer in an open area in Jaffa, Israel on June 12, 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf / Anadolu Agency]Israeli forces seen in Tel Aviv on 12 June 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency]December 20, 2021 at 9:52 am1.1kShares

Retired Israeli General Yitzhak Brick has warned of a “terrifying” scenario which awaits Tel Aviv in any coming war due to the “unpreparedness” of the Israeli army and its leaders, Aram Media reported yesterday.

According to Brick, who was speaking to MivzakLive News, the most terrifying scenario is 3,000 rockets being launched towards Israel in any coming battle.

He expected “pro-Iran groups in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, as well as Hamas in the Gaza Strip, will launch missiles and drones at Israel, so that the average number of missiles fired at the Israeli occupation state will be 3,000 a day.”

Brick also said: “The attack on the enemy will lead to violence between Arabs and Jews in the mixed cities, communities, villages and crossroads.” He expected a large number of victims in addition to mass destruction of cities and infrastructure.

The former official has on several occasions cautioned that the Israeli regime’s military is not prepared for a multi-front war.

“Israeli leaders must return to their senses and immediately meet in a dialogue session to make decisions to prepare the army to confront a multi-front war and shape a modern security belief,” he said, noting the Israeli leaders believe Hezbollah will not get involved in any fighting with Israel.

“A new war will take us back to many years ago. The difficulties that we went through throughout previous wars will be nothing in comparison with the fallout of the future confrontation,” he said.

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