Adnan Oktar and the Israeli joint press conference delegates – 1 Section
Adnan Oktar: First, everyone, welcome, welcome fare, bestowed, You honor. Guests welcome as well, fare came. I suppose you’re going to Oktar information about our guests.
OKTAR BABUNA: Welcome, I would like to introduce the guests starting from the right.Sitting on the far right leader, Mr. Japhet Tsedaka Samaritan, Samaritan, a branch of Judaism in Israel. Samaritan leader himself. Orthodox Christian leaders still sitting right next to her guest from Israel, Mussa Come-Hurrian Dimitri, Orthodox leader. Sitting right next to him, Rabbi Hollander, President of the Court of the People of Noah, the Sanhedrin rabbis itself, in Israel, the People of Noah Court President. Right next see Mr. Ayoob Kara. Ayoob Kara Bey, the Deputy Minister of Reconstruction Israel.
The Deputy Minister of the Development of the Negev and the Galilee. Only non-Jewish Israeli Cabinet.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest non-Jewish people. Jews, Muslims, Christians and all other religions, with the goal of establishing a relationship between the powerful and hot and striving for it himself. Just sitting next to me, the leader of the Druze community, Sheikh Ameen Ameen Kablan Kablan-Abdel see the gentleman. 
Rabbi Benjamin Abrahamson other side of the Sanhedrin again, the Sanhedrin adviser on Muslim gentleman. Mr Ataf Krinawi right next to the Bedouin leader ‘s see. First and foremost, a gentleman sitting in the Efrahim Lahav. Efi prime minister’s office, senior strategy consultant Lahav. At the same time the Chairman of the Academic Association of Jerusalem itself.
[ed notes:btw ayoob kara is the israhelli druze leader likudnik who has been supportingt he syrian opposition!!!
This piece all the way up top  is in turkish,so i will be awaiting for the english translation ,wich should come out this week..what is telling is harun yahya,is praising Israhelli war criminals and die hard likudniks now in Turkey~!!!this isnt surprising of course considering harun has been spekaing with tehse types for a while now,even assuring them he speaks for erdogan,when he tells them we are Israhells protectors!!!

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