Trump now hates Muslims and Jews

Dear editor,

When President Trump was asked if the United States should reconsider its policies towards Israel after the country denied entry permit to the only two Muslim-American U.S. Congresswomen,  he gave the dumbest answer I ever heard. He basically said, Jewish Americans are ignorant and traitors if they vote for Democrats. Does he really think American people are that naive and gullible?

It is rather absurd for the President of the United States to claim that people don’t love America if they disagree with him or because they won’t vote for him. Sound like Sarah Palin deja vu all over again, who said during the 2012 election that, “real American” vote Republican.

To her real Americans are often mean white people without a college degree.Trump needs to look in a mirror when he is looking for disloyal, plus he is a 5x draft dodger. Trump now hates Muslims and Jews. Yesterday, Trump went after Muslims.  Today, he attacked Jews. Who is he going to target tomorrow?  I stand with the people Trump hates

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