To the listeners of TUT Network–Congratulations and THANK YOU


As predicted last week, today we rounded the bend on 250,000 downloads of the various programs here on TUT. Not too shabby for a little upstart internet radio concern only 5 months old and powered by truck batteries.

SO, on behalf of the various hosts here, we wish to extend a hearty GRAZIE to all the listeners of TUT for your efforts in spreading the word, reposting the links and even downloading programs on your various youtube channels. Truly it is a group effort and we could not have achieved this without you.

The Ugly Truth Radio Network

Addendum–Doubtless this announcement will be greeted by the typical headcases with ‘WHERE”S THE PROOF??? WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, COVERING UP FOR THE ZIONISTS AND MAKING THIS UP’ in the same fashion as I had to deal with a few should-be psychiatric patients who alleged that my meeting in NY with Iranian President Ahmadinejhad never took place and that I lied about the whole thing.

Below is a screen capture of the stats page as of today, and for those who will try to make hay of the downward line for December, keep in mind that there are  12 days left in the month.


UPDATE–sorry to be interrupting with these ‘addendums’, but there is more good news to report.

As listeners/readers to TUT are aware, we used to do recorded programs over at Since going over to Blog Talk Radio for live programs, I only use the podbean site now as an archive for old programs beginning back in late 2009 and therefore don’t bother checking the stats on that page.

Out of curiosity, I went to the stats page to see what kind of traffic the archived programs were getting and was shocked (assuming the stats are accurate)  to see that since the end of 2009 up till now, the end of 2012, a mere 3 years, that we have received a total of over 18 million downloads of the various programs there. Screen shot below–


My reason for announcing this is, once again, to thank all the listeners of TUT over these last few years. The word is getting out, people are waking up and I can guarantee you, our common enemy is not pleased with this one bit.


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