“For to recognize Zionist state of ‘Israel’ as a Jewish state would be not only to renounce (which no leader and indeed no individual Palestinian has the authority to do) the right of return of those Palestinians ethnically cleansed from their homes during the creation of the Zionist regime in 1948. It would also be to abandon to their fate the remaining million or so Palestinians (including their descendants) who survived the NAKBA and have been living as second class citizens of the Zionist state, and perhaps even to give Zionist license to expel them all and complete the “job” (as Benny Morris puts it) of 1948.
Zionist regime today is no more Jewish than America is white or Christian. The big difference, though, is that, whereas America (for the most part) embraces its own multiculturalism, Israel still desperately wants to be Jewish. Its absurd demand to be recognized as such (no other state goes around impetuously demanding that others accept its own sense of its national character) is an expression of its own profound insecurity: not its military insecurity–the only serious military threat Zionist faces on its own territory is imaginary–but rather its anxious awareness of its status as a botched, and hence forever incomplete, settler-colonial enterprise.
Unlike Australia, there were too many aboriginals left standing when the smoke cleared over the ruins of Palestine in 1948. And to this day the Palestinians have refused to simply give up, go away or somehow annul themselves.

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