There will be total silence about this death, as there was about all the others

Shireen Abu Akleh remembered as one of Arab world's leading journalists |  The Times of Israel

From the very countries that get so righteous about Russian war crimes in Ukraine; There will be total silence about this death, as there was about all the others.

For Israel, the answer is: “Even if it was an Israeli sniper who killed her, what’s the problem with shooting journalists?” A reply not unlike the one Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave about Khashoggi’s murder.

The Israeli army is motivated by the same desire as the Russian army in Ukraine or the Egyptian army in Sinai to suppress independent reporting of what they are doing. Knowing the illegitimacy of their actions, they want to kill any version of events that rivals their own.

“Cambridge Analytica Reborn? Private Spy Agency Weaponizes Facebook Again”

Full Investigation by Kit Klarenberg – Linkinbio

The Cambridge Analytica scandal was a massive data-theft operation supporting right-wing political campaigns. The latest report from Kit Klarenberg proves that the people who ran CA’s operations are still using the same tricks to protect the powerful.

In 2017 we learned how Cambridge Analytica stole the personal data of up to 50 million Americans in order to manipulate voters on behalf of a number of right-wing candidates—potentially including Donald Trump—and political campaigns across the world.

Facebook received a record $5 billion fine for its part in the data-theft scandal while Cambridge Analytica & its parent company SCL collapsed.

In 2020, Cambridge Analytica’s former CEO, Alexander Nix, was disqualified from serving as a UK company director for 7 years for offering unethical services such as bribery, voter disengagement campaigns, & oppositional research, & mudslinging.

One senior SCL staffer seemingly pivotal to many of Cambridge Analytica’s unethical practices—although they deny it—has been unaffected by the scandal’s fallout. In fact, they have profited and prospered immensely in its wake.

A week prior to Cambridge Analytica’s 2018 collapse, Gaby van den Berg—who created SCL’s “Behavioral Dynamics Methodology” which analyzes and profiles target audiences to identify strategies for influencing them—founded Emic Consulting.

Ever since founding Emic Consulting Gaby van den Berg has taught Cambridge Analytica-style information warfare techniques to militaries the world over, including in the US-backed campaign to bring down the Syrian government.

Leaked files reviewed by MintPress name her as a key staffer on a secret psychological warfare effort in Syria, funded by the British Foreign Office and delivered by shadowy communications firm Global Strategy Network.

We are exposing Big Tech, join us – Linkinbio

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