The Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant Fire is FAKE NEWS

Ukraine's nuclear power plants are at 'unprecedented' risk as fighting  continues - The Verge

by IWB

ASB News / MILITARY@ASBMilitary·Mar 4, 2022Ukrainian officials claim “elevated radiation levels” near #Zaporizhzhia power plant and call for the west to “close the skies over ukraine to save the whole world” so far, there’s no evidence of radiation levels being raised — at least not online. (as of 10 mins ago)

ASB News / MILITARY〽️@ASBMilitaryUPDATE: Powerplant admin confirms no radiation risk and safety ensured — Western Nuclear Experts condemn Ukraine for causing panic and misleading people.2:01 AM · Mar 4, 2022·Twitter Web App

Greg Price@greg_price11
Zelensky and the Ukrainian government essentially just lied about an imminent meltdown at a nuclear power plant (the fire was at a training building next door) in order to call for NATO to set up a no fly zone and draw the west into war.5:53 PM · Mar 4, 2022

Kiev Regime is Getting Desperate…

NBCNEWS: Russia makes gains in south Ukraine after seizing major nuclear plant; Putin cracks down on dissent at homeSee also  Officials Get Desperate, Use One Last Strategy To Avoid A Crisis

Russia accused of nuclear ‘terrorism’ as world looks on aghast

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