TUT Broadcast LIVE today, Friday, May 4, 2012

by crescentandcross

And here we go folks–LIVE today again, 6 pm eastern time. You can watch the program live on

Today’s program–You, me, and the one and only Mark Dankof

We now have call-in lines available as well. Call-in number is 530.881.1300, then enter the access code 179164#

SKYPE USERS–we now have a dedicated Skype line so you can call in from wherever at no charge to you. To call in, simply

(A) go to ‘contacts’

(B) click on ‘add contact’

(C) the contact to add is freeconferencing.5308811300

(D) once the contact pops up in your contact list, call them

NOTE–if your dialpad does not come up on your skype page when you call, go to the upper left hand part of your page (while it is ringing) and click on ‘call’, scroll down to where it says ‘show dial pad’ and click it. That will give you your dialpad where you can punch in the access code 179164#, at which point you will be added to the lineup.

Note–Many thanks to Tyler Vincent, a listener of the program who made a 10-minute YT video of the recent program I did with Ken O’Keefe which you can watch below.

crescentandcross | May 4, 2012

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