The Syrian army is a step away from taking over the entire Aleppo-Hama road

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The Syrian Arab Army accomplished a new combat mission, liberating the town of Al-Eis and its hill, and opened the door for the meeting of its advanced forces from the eastern Idlib countryside with the advanced forces from the southern countryside of Aleppo in the town of Al-Eis in the countryside of Aleppo.

Video clips showed the moment these forces met, at a time when field sources confirmed to Al-Watan that the army surrounded the Turkish point in Al-Eis Hill in the southern countryside of Aleppo, to be the sixth Turkish block.

The towns of the eastern Idlib countryside and the southern Aleppo region fell like domino stones in the grip of the Syrian Arab Army, which snatched part of the international road that connects Hama to Aleppo North Saraqib from the control of terrorist organizations and became less than around the corner to extend its influence over the entire road to the city of Aleppo.

Despite the low air and prevailing conditions, and as it continued to crawl in the eastern Idlib countryside, the Syrian army began its military operation yesterday by tightly controlling the villages of Ijaz, Muharim, Tal Al-Tabazir, Khwari, Rasm al-Ward and Abad in the eastern Idlib countryside, northeast of Saraqib, before extending its influence to the western part of A highway Saraqib – Aleppo, extending its hegemony over the town of Karateen and Tal Karateen, and then to continue its march towards the administrative borders of the southern countryside of Aleppo, where it took control of the villages of Huwair Al-Eis, Mahala, Al-Thuraya, Al-Dhahria and the University of Ebla on the international road, according to a field source in the southern countryside of Aleppo to «Al-Watan ».

He pointed out that the Syrian army continued its progress from the University of Ebla and Tal Karatin to the town of Sheikh Ahmed on the international road to Aleppo north of Saraqib and to the town of Kossnia to the west of it and then to the towns of Umm Ataba and Jab Kas, and now it is on the doorstep of Gulf University, which is less than 10 kilometers from The town of Al-Zorba is located on the road, where it met the advanced Syrian army units from the south and east of the town and continued to crawl to the western entrance to Aleppo at the town of Khan Al-Asal, which was one of the most important strongholds of “Al-Nusra”.

The source also indicated that yesterday, the Syrian army units ended combing the neighborhoods of the city of Saraqib, which is a roadblock to meet the Aleppo-Hama and Aleppo-Latakia roads, after it tightened its control over it last Thursday.

Opposition sources in the western countryside of Aleppo told Al-Watan that many Saudi Zio-Wahhabi terrorists from the semi-besieged enclave south of Aleppo fled to the western countryside of the governorate and to the northern Idlib countryside before applying the siege to them, after they were betrayed by the rest of the terrorist organizations and their Turkish operator, who was satisfied with their support and aid statements. Before they left their miserable fate.

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