The Siege of Bani Walid


by Kashif Ahmed

There will be transitional national counsels imposed upon you and one by one you shall fall.”
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, October 6th, 2011, explaining how Anglo-American-Israeli-NATO criminals plan to divide and rule Libya.

For over 30 years Muammar Gaddafi improved life for his fellow Libyans and tirelessly supported just causes from Palestine to South Africa. He was also fighting against Rothschild’s corrupt economic system of usury, which is why the Anglo-American-Israeli-NATO crime gang had him killed. I disagreed with the Jamahiriya’s last decade and collaborationist polices with criminal regimes in the West (2000-2010) but the steady stream of anti-Gaddafi propaganda was nothing more than a crude disinformation campaign to agitate the masses; just like they used to say Idi Amin was a cannibal or that Mohammed Mosaddegh was a Communist. 99.9% of the time, anyone the U.S.-Israel tells you is bad, is only bad for them and good for everyone else.

Colonel Gadhafi, proved to be a problematic partner for international oil companies, frequently raising fees and making other demands.”
‘The scramble for access to Libya’s oil wealth begins’, Clifford Kraus, ‘The New York Times’, August 22nd, 2011.

Lets just compare what Libya had, to what its got now, not in material terms because most of that’s gone; ransacked, robbed and razed to the ground by thieving Brits, Israelis, Yanks, Italians, the French and every other Rothschild controlled, bottom feeding parasite from The Square Mile to Tel Aviv. But in terms of its political standing and stance on issues like Palestine: In 1972, Col. Gaddafi, despite fighting his own battle against Anglo-American-Israeli terrorism in Libya, was the only leader to grant asylum to Palestinian ‘Black September’ operatives after the extra judicial assassination of Israeli reservists at the Munich Olympics. No other country had the guts to tell the truth about who those Jewish ‘athletes’ actually were, with some Arab leaders even going so far as to regurgitate Hasbara in their statements about the event. It was only Muammar Gaddafi who had the courage of his convictions to embrace these fighters and go against almost every regime in the world, to make good on his promises to Palestine.
And what’s the ‘revolutionary’ stance on Palestine today?

We are asking Israel to use its influence in the international community to end the tyrannical regime of Gadhafi and his family”. (The post-Gaddafi recognition of Israel) “…is a very sensitive question: The question is whether Israel will recognize us.”
Ahmad Shabani, The Democratic Party of Libya, London, August 24th, 2011

Is it any wonder the people of Libya were not as eager as the West made them out to be about regime change, is it any wonder that many a Libyan town did not join the NATO assisted rebellion against their leader?
Bani Walid is one such town, located in Misrata with a population of 85,000, this modern and highly developed district had an airport, active democratic institutions (i.e. The People’s Congress of Dahra and Zaytouna) and was a university town hosting a campus of Misrata University.

Today, it’s a pile of rocks. And that, no doubt, brings a perverse joy to the pro-Israeli enemies of civilisation who must look upon the carnage with glee, rejoicing at the monumental stupidity of reactionary Libyan gunfighters and gung-ho militiamen. For if I, G-d forbid, were a Zionist Jew psychopath, I’d look at organized Jewry’s (i.e. Rothschild, Levy, Yinon et all) work in Libya; recite Zohar Vayshala, distribute some Oznei Haman at the Chabad House and dance the Hora like it was May 14th all over again.
From the very beginning, Anglo-American-Israeli-NATO invaders played the old divide and rule card, desperately trying to will their warped vision of a fragmented Libya into existence. From the onset, it was either the ‘rebel stronghold’ of Ben Ghazi, the ‘Gaddafi loyalist’ town of Bani Walid and so on. Foolishly, some Libyans walked into this trap with their eyes closed, and even worse, are still thinking along these lines as they form up militias and allow their country to be divided by collaborators.

Bani Walid was the site of many a fierce battle between the Libyan resistance and NATO. After the civil war, Western controlled, U.S.-Israeli backed gangs often laid siege to the town, at one point, such was the devastation inflicted upon her people (e.g. the attackers fired mortar rounds and chemical weapons) that many a Bani Walid resident concluded that those responsible for the massacre on the first anniversary of the fall of Tripoli, were neither Muslims nor Libyans. But foreign mercenaries in the employ of the collaborationist National Congress and their Rothschild overlords.

They burned everything — for no reason. My father is a doctor, not a soldier (but) they even took our gold. They burned our birth certificates and our degrees that were in a safe.”
Dr. Moustapha El Ahmari, Bani Walid resident.

The NC has obviously been instructed in the ways of colonial plunder, and has quickly learnt that chaos is a growth industry and worth cultivating if you’re trying to rip off your own country. That’s the only explanation as to why “…the U.S.-backed puppet Libyan National Congress…has done little to impose security, leaving Libyans under the threat of militias that compete for territory and terrorize those without arms to fight back.”1.

Some (militias) are good and some are bad: while some provide legitimate security, others work with criminal organizations in human trafficking for prostitution and forced labor. Some also smuggle drugs and kidnappings for ransom.”
Karim Mezran, senior fellow at the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East

For over 40 years there wasn’t a single militia in a country of 5.6 million people,  just over a year after the collapse of the Jamahiriya, it seems every other person is part of an armed gang. Remember, the NTC (now the NC) are, until they prove otherwise, the employees of Rothschild, the foot soldiers of organized Jewry whose first orders were to set up a Rothschild linked Central bank in Ben Ghazi and a new Oil Company to facilitate the robbery from aboard. These sell outs have turned a stable, independent state into a dysfunctional, dilapidated colonial outpost; destroying most of what Libya had and wrecking what remains with their chaotic, collaborationist shenanigans.

Libya doesn’t have a real national army: The government is too weak to control the brigades.”
Ebtsem Steita, a member of the Libyan National Congress.

Bani Walid, like the rest of Libya, is going through a difficult period of transition, and if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times: Libyans, be they pro or anti-Gaddafi, cannot allow their country to be run into the ground any longer. No sane, patriotic Libyan would have envisioned a time when anyone with a gun could ride roughshod over the rule of law or how a roomful of treacherous plutocrats would slit the writs of their motherland and bleed her dry. For with Allah’s (swt) help, its Libyans and Libyans alone, allied militia and LIFG included, who can save their ancient civilisation from being pulled into the Judaic abyss of anarchic savagery. Libyans who must set aside their petty differences and tribal affiliations to battle the enemies aboard and the enemies within. It’s not yet too late to save Libya, but if it goes on like this any longer, it may well be.

  1. ‘US-backed Criminal Gangs Run Post-Gaddafi Libya’, ‘Pan-African News Wire’, January 3rd, 2013

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