"The Royal Arch" Sociopaths Who Rule Britain (Part One)

(Thousands of children like Madeleine McCann, left, are abducted 
every year for purposes of Illuminati pedophilia and mind control.) 
The link between pedophilia, torture and disassociation
is the explained reason why The Royal Arch
 is interested in pedophilia. The Royal Arch is a Masonic
order. It is the Illuminati.

Contrary to the popular image, many MI-6 agents like James Bond start as trauma- brainwashed child sex slaves. “Red Ox” was one. 

by Red Ox

Britain is ruled by disassociative sociopaths in a cult that calls itself “The Royal Arch”. There is a ruling politburo of “Guardians”, consisting of persons selected by existing members. To be a guardian, one is trained from early childhood for the role in the usual manner – electroshock and sexual abuse.

This Royal Arch cult gets worse and worse! It truly is a set of mentally ill people programmed to program others to perpetuate it. 

Who is invited to join the “diabolic cult”? The sexually abused and electroshocked offspring of ruling families, plus people considered “supermen” (e.g Fred Goodwin chief (2001-2009) of Royal Bank Scotland somewhat ironically!). 

To show loyalty, one must participate in group child sex acts, with MI6 security. Initially some people think they won’t be joining in, but as [son of fmr. Brit Foreign Sec] Thomas Hurd (MI6/Royal Arch) tells me “they might think they’re not but that doesn’t happen. We like everyone to join in”. 

This abducting of children is so commonplace, that the term “privates” (non group paedophilia) is banded about for the person who finds the victim and/or for very rich/elite members, e.g the billionaire Sir Phil Green. 

Green has been programmed as a paedophile who will do/offer anything to get it (but MI6 provide all he wants for as they programmed him).

The link between sexual abuse and disassociation is the explained reason why The Royal Arch is interested in paedophilia. However they prefer the term “important government work”. Children are regularly abducted in the UK (tens, if not hundreds of thousands per year), and many go through this process. 

All of your pop superstars like Jessica Simpson and Miley Cyrus have had this treatment. Sometimes this is with their family consent, or even agreement in exchange for riches. 

Participants in the UK are dressed in yellow fisherman’s outfits and placed on a virtual ‘X’, are said to “have the X Factor”. [See explanation below] 

They are programmed to be politicians frequently, or in the entertainment business – especially singers. Simon Cowell,  is a key guardian, who is about as high up in the British Government/MI6 as his trouser-line. 

You didn’t need to be a 32nd degree Mason to guess that, as he went from being a nobody to a world superstar controller. 

I met him in 1991 at Royal Arch meetings (with  (ad mogul) Charles Saatchi, (publicist) Max Clifford and many politicians) when I was the victim, so had a sneaking suspicion he might do well! 

When I say someone is “programmed” as a singer. You think maybe this can’t be done, or how is it done? It is under severe torture, using Nazi-style information on how much a child (for it is pretty well always a child to be purposeful) of a certain weight/age/gender can take.
Using a simple cattle prod, the programmer – referred to as God (mind control) or Daddy (sexual abuse) – will repeatedly shock the child 100s of times if they give the ‘wrong’ answer or an unconvincing one.
This is REAL torture, and the strength of self-programming under threat of agonizing pain is substantial. Don’t try it at home! You can train a relatively mediocre singer to be a world superstar singer (subconsciously) leaving no evidence (apart from increase of body moles appearing?!), and also make forgetting it ever happened part of the training.
“Don’t wake me up” as Chris Brown sings (video shows electroshock style situation).
Also by Red Ox:  MK-Ultra A Survivor’s Story 
Fishnet Explanation:

When MI6/Royal Arch are conducting their electroshock brainwashing, they stick to ritual both in questioning and in the physical.

The child is dressed in a Yellow fisherman’s outfit as part of a script from Alice in Wonderland, which is already on the Internet. The child is said to be “off to see Alice”. It is something along the line of “I wish I wish I hadn’t eat that fish” (that verse), and the child is electroshocked with the fish symbolising the womb, and the rod the phallus.

Pictures were shown to me of the likes of Cindy Crawford (1991/92) plus schoolmates, which Hurd, Mandelson and Blair had asked me to identify the most attractive.

In the ritual the stooge (Hurd) would ask “would you like to ‘give your fish’ to her”? (e.g Cindy Crawford) and if you say “yes” you would be electroshocked.

Even if you say no you will still be electroshocked, they will say “We don’t believe you”. 

(It seems the KGB has expended some effort working out the best replies to some of these questions, when they place bugs on children and can communicate to them!)

For me the only women who I was allowed to ‘give my fish’ to, were Ali Kennedy (niece of one of the torturers, relation of George W Bush) and Asian women. This is VERY effective, and you are then programmed to forget. Say this happens when you are 10… by the time a real sex drive kicks in aged about 14 you would think yourself “gay” or “happen to be interested in Asians”. Most people NEVER remember…those are the ones that become world famous singers or politicians. 

During this torturous session, the child is on an “X”. It is a Royal Arch expression/pun therefore, to “have the X Factor” means you’ve been selected to be tortured.

Cowell is part of the Royal Arch:

Nicole Scherzinger, now a judge, suffered at the American side of this, and had “ugly duckling” programming, where people were told to ignore her at Bohemian Grove and be horrible to her basically! Then later in life she came back as very much the central figure of The Pussycat Dolls with “I wanna be famous, wanna have boobies” etc. She used to be teased for being lanky and slightly gauche (with no-one being nice to her!). If you wanted to research Nicole’s interviews it would probably back up this concept.

It would not surprise me if all the winners of “The X Factor” had had “The X Factor” (torture). Typical Royal Arch hiding in full view. Another example is Harry Potter and “The Potter’s Wheel”, where people are spun round and electroshocked to give the illusion of an OBE.

Final Note: Green, Cowell and Saatchi are Illuminati Jews while Hurd, Clifford and Goodwin are not. I asked Red Ox about the “Jewish” element. It appears that cabalist Jews empower the worst elements of gentile society through Freemasonry using their control of credit. 

Red Ox replied: “At these meetings I saw the likes of Jewish Evelyn Rothschild (who seemed to be in charge) and Charles Saatchi, who was prominent and may have something to do with the selling of children in their cult. However I also saw Lord Mountbatten – who put his son through it – Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who I followed into trouble, and briefly Prince Charles which Thomas Hurd said “I don’t think you’re ready for”. 

Not sure who is running the joint (UK) – according to the KGB it’s Rothschild. Rothschild also funds Putin’s opponents in Russia. But this could all be part of the game. e.g Corinne Sawers, daughter of John, [current head of MI-6] told me “Daddy is in charge of Britain for the Rothschilds”, but she could have been MK’d at the time by KGB.
I have seen how this cult say you are either “with” them or not genetically. They decided a wife for me (not Jewish, but a British relation of George W Bush), and then electroshocked me to either go out with her or Asian women. So if I don’t do what they say, I am reminded of the torture they conducted. But thinking of women of different races can make one ill, according to Royal Arch (and also my experience).
How does that fit into Jews/plan. The racemixing of USA and UK and promotion. You see how Russia would not allow such a thing, yet the UK is actively promoting it. Previously music groups were mainly white (all), with some black. Now it must be 50% of music videos (MTV) are mixed and speak with some strange “street” accent which to my knowledge as a British person who is in London regularly didn’t exist even among black people 10 years ago.”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOQDsmEqVt8    Racially confused.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBWiA5_zZAI Children’s Television 2012

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