10 Reasons NOT to Kill these Tyrant Jews


What a bizarre heading. Can you just imagine that on the front page of the tabloid papers. 
Only five years ago if someone had told me I would be writing an essay on ten specific reasons why I think we should not murder Jewish people – I would have said “You’re crackers mate”. But here is the reality slapped in my face.
This old awkward question “What we genna do with these pesky Jews?” Well what are we going do with them? This age-old Jewish question has to be addressed. This problem has to be addressed.
I received a call the other night/morning from someone we all know in the movement (no name at this point – no it wasn’t Mark Glenn) and we talked about this very question. He’s someone I greatly admire and respect, and someone who I’ve learnt from over the years. But we clashed diametrically with regards to a ‘solution’ to the Jewish perfidy. This spurned me on to creating this essay.
I was quite tired when he called me and felt I wasn’t being very articulate and assertive in my explanation. So I thought I would create another one of my “10” themed posts to succinctly point out why I disagree with the common theme of executing these tyrants.
I’ve heard so many people whom I look up to, all whistle this same tune with regards to killing them all, hanging them, electric chair, whatever. But I recoil every time. As much as I can understand them all presenting this as a solution; I know this is definitely not the root we should take, on every level.
Here are my ten reasons why I know we should not take this kill the Jews approach.
[these are all intrinsically linked and they all totally overlap]
1/. Thou shalt not kill.
It’s just wrong. Killing is killing is killing. It does not matter what crime they have done to us.
I’m not saying I would never kill. If I had to, I unfortunately would do. I would like to leave this world having not killed a soul – including an animal. However, I take the Gandhi stance. Non-violence as a primary option, and the use of violence when there is no other option. In self defense, and definitely in defense of others.
I believe we do have other options. Incarceration and removing these people from society. 100% preventing them from ever creating destruction and suffering in this world again.
2/. WE set the standards
We absolutely should not lower ourselves to their level. They are about revenge, hatred, slaughter, murder, malice and darkness – NOT US. We must maintain a moral, and spiritual precedence, no matter what they throw at us. No matter what! We must not allow ourselves to lean towards this dark side.
3/. The two R’s 
This is not a softy softy approach. This is exactly the opposite. My brother in arms the other night mentioned that my attitude was cowardly. I understand why he would say that. But I’m suggesting it takes a hell of a lot of courage to come from a place of love with our adversaries. It takes depth of character to not bite and not take the usual obvious root of reacting. To detach and respond to whatever is being thrown at us in whatever situation is bravery to the highest degree. Even if we fail, but our intent is there.
Compassion is strength, not weakness.
4/. Society’s foundations
What type of society are we going to bring our children into? A society where the rulers are savages, without self-control. Mass murderers – because that’s what it would have to be. Millions of people executed.
Who is going to decide who gets killed and who doesn’t? What type of death a person has. Where is the cut off point going to be? What right has one individual to kill another individual?
I just can’t get it.
Then after this mass cull, we are then going to build a new society. What kind of foundation is that to form our world on?
What lessons are we going to project to children and future generations? Are we going to have museums and history courses on this murderous frenzy? What ethical values are we going to set with this? How does this then filter down into our day-to-day values, when teaching children compassion, unconditional love, spirituality, the nature of consciousness, kindness, altruism, benevolence? These are hardcore values which every sane society must be built upon.
5/. Root cause
This revengeful execution will never get to the source of this age-old problem. It will initially give the impression it will have ‘sorted’ the problem. But it won’t. The root cause of this whole NWO/JWO is a dark force – IT IS NOT PEOPLE.
These elite Jews, or specifically the cult of judaism are simply the conduit, the vehicle for this darkness to operate. This dark satanic force or entity will just re-package itself and manifest itself in another form. In another religion, in another tribe, another ideology, another culture, or in a movement.
It has to some degree already done this. We all are infected by this darkness at varying levels.
If we think that all we need to do is rid the world of Jews and all our problems will be over – we are deluded.
The root cause is demonic entities. The dark force. Satan.
Our real hidden enemies are within us and around us. We are battling with them all the time and what ALL the great mystics, saints, prophets and genuine gurus have warned us about since day dot. These hidden enemies are: ego, attachment, greed, lust/false desires, false fears, deep-rooted insecurities, false identities, separatism, etc.
All ‘the Jews’ the dark force has done is manipulate these weaknesses within us.
6/. Justice will be met
If it is justice we need to see; then surely the best way to get these people to pay the price for their crimes is to let them witness a successful Gentile society free from this judaic demonic influences. This will be rubbed in their noses EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES. Now that is punishment. They will wish to die. They will have so much remorse, envy, disheartenment, regret, angst and be utterly deflated. “The goy finally won!”
Now how about that for justice. They would be made to reimburse the damage they have done to society. They will be made to pay every day for their collective crimes. They will not get away with what they have done. But they will be punished in such a way that we will not lose our dignity in how we deliver this justice. Anything to the contrary would mean they would have ultimately won.
7/. Harm others – harm ourselves.
If we murder others, we are murdering ourselves. If we enforce suffering on others from a place of anger, revenge, hate – we are inflicting this on ourselves. This premise is old as the hills and yet we never seem to grasp this ancient wisdom. Despite the crass new age term – we indeed are all one. Individual droplets making up an ocean of consciousness. The consistent message of all the pure spiritual doctrines.
8/. It’ll be ugly
Very simply put – it will be one the most despicable acts in recent history. Lets think about it. It will be organised mass murder.
Lets have a look at the logistics – so once we’ve rounded up all the known criminals and their counterparts, we then put them in death detention centers. We systematically build murdering centers with a whole variety of execution chambers and facilities. All under the guise of “Well it’s dirty work, but hey someone’s got to do it”
This will be abhorrent. This would be a regression in humanity. We would have reached the lowest of the lowest on every level of society. Again, who makes all these finite decisions? Who inacts them? Who would want to inact them? It would be very very ugly. Would we be filming all of these individual deaths for prosperity?
Killers killing killers.
Think of the images of how Gaddafi was distastefully murdered in the street. Even though he may have originally served this beast. Did this human being deserve to be paraded in the streets for the world to see in such a degrading way? For people to rejoice and gloat over another human being suffering, and being murdered?? Have we reached such archaic savagery?
Or is it ok because we are going to clinically murder our victims?
I’m suggesting if we take this root, this would be a very dark stain on our new found society.
9/. In their shoes
We would do exactly the same had we been born into this cult. If we had had a judaic upbringing, Jewish teachers, Jewish domestic life, Jewish scholarly training, Jewish foods, music, israeli (occupied Palestine) holidays, prayers, literature, culture. The entire Jewish IDENTITY rammed down our throats, and embedded into our cells and psyche – we would be up to all these shenanigans.
How could we not?
This is NOT making excuses for their collective behaviour. This is just being blatantly honest. This is realism.
We have to show levels of maturity and look at this objectively. Then we can effectively deal with these issues – permanently.
10/. Our role
By carrying out this proposed mass slaughter on these criminals it is a way of dumping our responsibility, on why we are in this mess. It is partly our fault. We must be big boys and girls and begin to take responsibility for our complacency.
We must take partial blame for allowing the bully to bully us.
We CHOSE to get drunk, COMPLACENTLY left the back door open, fell asleep on the sofa in a drunken stupor. Then the burglar strolled in, shot the dog, raped our daughter and stole all our goodies. Now we’ve woken up with a sore head blaming it ALL on the burglar.
Once we can be detached enough to realise we ALL have played our individual roles in allowing this beast to get out of hand, then we are on the road to sorting this mess out – once and for all.
1/. Thou shalt not kill
2/. WE set the standards
3/. The two R’s
4/. Society’s foundations
5/. Root cause
6/. Justice will be met
7/. Harm others – harm ourselves
8/. It’ll be ugly
9/. In their shoes
10/. Our role

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