So I read this study by Israeli Orientalist, Asher Suser, before I went to sleep. What did I discover? Well, from the large number of endnotes, I discovered that he–like all Israeli Orientalists–studies Arab politics and culture from Western media. Oh, no. I did find a few Arabic sources: the mouthpieces of Prince Khalid Bin Sultan and Prince Salman (Al-Hayat and Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat respectively). OK, what about the insights and conclusion? Well, this Israeli Orientalist reached earth-shattering conclusions. He–based on extensive research–found that secularism has been in decline in the Arab world. Yes, he has. He also noticed that Islamic movements are now factors in Arab politics. I bet those are the experts who advised the Mossad to kidnap a Lebanese grocer because his name was Hasan Nasrallah.
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