The prisoner Hassan Salameh laments the martyr Sayeh with an influential message


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The prisoner in the Nazi camp Hassan Salameh mentioned the death of his companion in the families of the martyr Bassam al-Sayeh, with an impressive message from his Nazi camp after the death of his companion in light of the neglect of the prisoners.

Salameh talked about the condition of the martyrs of the captive movement who leave without any movement from one of the prisoners “Bassam moved to his mercy and became the martyr No. 221; It was a number and died a number, will the world rise and sit and boil the earth and froth and lightning the sky and thunder !!

The prisoner Hassan Salameh did not hide his resentment and sadness about the situation in which the prisoners and those who leave them are treated. In your prison we do not hear or see We have only a statement of condolence, which is written in many copies and read according to what suits us papers fly and sayings arise.

Salameh talked about Sayeh and his smile and fun despite the weakness of his body, which was exhausted by the disease, “Oh, Bassam, how wonderful you are, and despite your illness and pain, you didn’t leave you with a smile.” You talked to me about your dreams of going out and sure about that and your eagerness to participate in the resistance, I told you then: What a laugh; I said: Check the rocket handles until I press the launch button by mistake. “.

Salameh said that Bassam wished the martyrdom and sincerity of God when he asked for it, and he had what he wished. Salameh said that he wished Bassam to come out and get rid of the restriction. Our consolation is that you are now free and your soul is now in the veins of birds Khadr fly in Jinan Rahman. “

Hassan Salameh concludes his message to Bassam by saying: “Congratulations unharmed, congratulate you freedom, you have deservedly deserved it and death has earned the honor of liberating you. May God have mercy on you. I wish you witness and I was sincere.# Bassam Sayeh

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