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The Piper Report March 7, 2011


It’s not “the Nazis” who are behind the New World Order. And it’s not “the Muslims” that we need to be worrying about. Don’t get misdirected.

The international plutocrats behind the Federal Reserve and who control the mass print and broadcast media in America want Americans (and people everywhere) to worry about “the Nazis” and “the Muslims.”

And when Michael Collins Piper is criticizing certain elements who call themselves “white nationalists” or “white separatists,” he is not attacking the foundation of that philosophy.

That’s the message that Michael Collins Piper hopes he is able to get across on tonight’s broadcast, expressing his continuing recognition (and regret) that people don’t read or listen carefully and react in a knee-jerk fashion, conditioned as they are by the manipulation of linguistics by those who control the mass media, always certain that people will categorize themselves (and others) by the manner in which words and their meaning are imposed upon our mindset, so much so to the point that even good folks can find themselves distracted. And that’s what the Media Controllers want. Their practices and methods are tried and true.


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